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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, February 21, 2004
From: -Gemini-
What if tomorrow never comes?

What would you guyz do if you knew that tomorrow will not come?

People Discussion
(Saturday, February 21, 2004)

well it depends where i am at! If I am like near north pole and morning just started .. heck I got 5 more months to enjoy! Aside from that, lets say an all out nuclear strike happened and we got just few hrs, well I wud wanna spend every moment with my GF till the last breath.


(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

Kal to durer kotha , 1 sec asbe ki na tar gerentee nai .. Jani ami janbo na but jodi jani tahole jani na ki korbo ..

(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

ek sec er nai bhoroshaaa

(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

next sec/min e ki hobe keu kichu bolte pare na ree......aar tui tmorrow r kotha boltesis re Gemi????....manush jodi jantoi je kal ba kichukhon pore ki hobe.....taile mone hoi na manush morto ekta jinishe r jonnoi to amra Allahr proti bisshash ta harai nai.....noile jodi jantam ai kicukhon por ki hobe...taile to koto kisui hoto ree

(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

Jani to..we cant even predict whats the next sec gonna be like...
but is there anything that you'd like to do..or say to someone...or clear up any mess?

I'd prolly call and email all the people that i should be callin back n replyin cuz most of my friends and relatives are gettin pretttyyy angry at me for not contactin them!

(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

"harpal yaha ji bhar hai sama kal ho na ho"...the answer stays here....choosing it or not is up to you..

Rony Salman
(Sunday, February 22, 2004)

Gemi, if it's only for me that tomorrow won't come, I would go to the people I love and tell them how much I loved them!! Being a bit shy and introvert, I always have this fear of departing this world leaving behind the people I love without getting the chance of coming out of my shell and saying or expressing how much I really loved them!!

But if it's for all of us that tomorrow aint coming, I will run to her and if required will break in through the back door if I am not showed in through the point abiding by social norms when there aint gonna be any society tomorrow…..

(Monday, February 23, 2004)

ami aar ki bolo gemi......I thik u got the answer

(Monday, February 23, 2004)

Well said Rony vai

(Monday, February 23, 2004)

Rony bhalo bolecho...I'd do the same..tell much they mean to me...bein like you...i cant say things like that easily either!
And sometimes...i really wish i could Image Code: 00-016

(Monday, February 23, 2004)

Gem ...You can think of it as you are well and have enough for today, but think of those who dont even know how this day will go without anything to have....

And Rony : I think you love people very much, right! then why cant you go to them just now? They need the help badly , anytime ..
Dont take it otherwise, I am just trying to make you realize their pains....
And thanks to those who have respond.

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, February 24, 2004)

Deep Purple (nice name, used to love their song once, but haven't heard them a long time now), the people I love are not in pain, they are used to the introvert and less expressive me! I, on my side, feel like coming out of my shell and give them what they deserve!! But it's not easy to change one's inherent character, but again, who knows, may be some day I will...
I am not taking your comments anywise, I am rather thankful that you took your time not only to read my comments but you also put your effort to give advices too.

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