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Monday, June 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
From: Projapote
Happy Valentines Day Stupid

Over and over i look in your dreamy eyes.
You are all i desire.
You have captured me.
I want to hold you.
I want to be close to you.
I never want to let go.

^_^Now Questions.^_^

Did you ever love someone?.
And they did not love you back?.
Did you ever feel like crying?.
Did you ever whisper I Love You?.
No you did not to me but I fell in love with you.

^_^Happy Valentines Day Shybal^_^

People Discussion
(Wednesday, February 11, 2004)

cool projapoty prosno korte gea balobasa janaya dela.
Image Code: 05-018 Image Code: 05-002 Image Code: 06-004 Image Code: 05-008

(Wednesday, February 11, 2004)

Projapote apne k?.Apner choto boin aseny butterfly api?.Shybal bhire ato koyra koilam shale soho girlfriend loyte & amar loge meet koraya dite..Ami o tayle valentine's day janayte partam.Park e park e berayte partam..

(Wednesday, February 11, 2004)

(Wednesday, February 11, 2004)

wish i was a wishmaster to make everyones wish come true.i said wish because of shybal.well written projapoty.valentine day to both of you.
lol are a funny person.

(Thursday, February 12, 2004)

fool fool this Projapote girl
see baba mayer kulongar sontan sybal arakta innocent girl tomar jale dora porse
dhik dhik roktobij k
Projapote apne k ar kono chale pannae nahole gane sone amon bul kew k kore
kotoden nari kheko shybalra mayeder mon nea khalbe & amra dakhe jabo
kalo takar malekar sontanera k shybalr moto hoy

(Thursday, February 12, 2004)

Ebabe mondo katha na bolle noy ki dear sobjanta?>>
Tomar kono khob thakle seta bektike na bole gurojonder bola balo noy dear>>
Porok korunamoy amader sokoler balo howar touhfek dan korun>>

(Thursday, February 12, 2004)

Sobjanta apne bhi nake apu janena.Tobeh apne j asostho setah bozte pareh..Age o dakeshe apne abba amma nea katha bolan.Apner monta k balo koran.Projapote k kesu bolar apne bolte paren.Apne shybal bhi k o bolte paren.Apne onar abba amma k tanen kano.Apne soththe akta chotolok..

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