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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Saturday, August 11, 2001
From: shybal
Breakin' the mould!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole spiel about
being a woman has always involved me deeply.....not just because I am one
myself, but because I am puzzled - as I 've been since I realized what bein' a woman is all about - by the way it happens. No, not all those mysterious changes in physical and emotional bein'.....not those fluctuations that are ascribed to "hormones", not those strange workings that add to the overall picture of what a woman should be, is and isn't. But it is the image of woman, in all her assorted glory......that bothers me(don't ya guys be so aggressive on me).....

Consider the heroine, that wonderful female who makes her own life more
interestin' by her
conformism. In films - the dozens that
Hollywood/Bollywood/Dallywood n bla bla.. churns out every year - she tends to be secondary, a pretty backdrop for the hero, who does all the hard work, like bashing up the baddies and saving the world, making success happen and dreams come true. She dances, she sings, she changes clothes and she squeaks satisfyingly when she is supposed to. On rare occasions, she works at a job, reforms her mother-in-law and tames the hero, but when that is done, she goes back to dancing, singing, changin' clothes and squeakin'.....Once in a while she gets to bash up the baddies and save her world, but that is generally in between changes et al and only if she is roused to take revenge against the men who have done her down but most.......

The heroine(acctually a person..even in real life!!!!!)literature is a refreshin' change, in that she tends to be stron' and able to face and deal with adversity and come out of crises a better person in totality. But translate that woman into the idiom of classical dance and she reverts to her doormat-ish role and image. She is either fallin' in love with an idol - a king, a god, a warrior - or pinin' for him. She waits and watches and rarely rejects him, even when he comes to her covered with the smells and signs of another woman that he has spent time with. She decorates herself, her house, her feelings and hangs around just waitin' for him to come to her. On very rare occasions.....she spurns him, showin' the side of womanhood that is to be proud of, brave, resilient, self-sufficient, strong. She sends messages to her "lord" through birds, though friends, even through prayer, and suffers untold agonies when he is late or doesn't even appearn so on so onnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

What modern woman does this today? She is far more independent now, able to stand on her own feet and create her own social, economic and emotional bulwarks, able to handle her own life and self......undaunted and better for it. Her ethos is now more on the lines of....."If you want me, earn me!" instead of the old cookie of........"Oh, please come to me, for I am dyin' of love(so called)....etc etc." I would rather be of that ilk, wouldn't ya?

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