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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, February 07, 2004
The Watch (Part 2)

Part 2:

By this time we have passed few month & my grandfather come in my house. And he calls me, “you have a surprise. Bring your hand?” he told me. He gives me a watch. When I looking that watch, I saw that my mother’s losted watch & he (grand father) told me that, the side of the pond, under the stairs, finds it. I was so strange that many days it in the pond side, but its work properly. I was so pleased to see the watch & I don’t understand what I will do. I think my mother understand my inner feelings my mother told me that, you are too young, when you complete your s.s.c examination you can use this watch forever.

But now you can use it very often. The incident is happen when I was in class six. I told my mother that if it is not work properly? My mother told me that it comes from Belgium & it is costly too, so you need not to worry about that watch will be workless watch. I was so happy & pleased. Now I am not using this watch in absence of my mother & hidden anybody. Out eventually my mother don’t sustain her voice. Because we have lost this watch by robber. Robbery had happen in my ground father house.

It is a little bit possible to find the losing thing but to the terrorism can consume any thing that cannot come back. That I was not crying but I feel so pain.13/14 yrs later I feel so regret in that watch. I am looking that type of watch very frequently, but when once it lost does it return?

<< The End >>

People Discussion
ontora ..
(Sunday, February 08, 2004)

so touchy n nice posting.parents r simply the blessings of Allah...could not ve hoped anything better than them..things like the watch can be lost but ur dad s love and doa always be with u.that cant be lost to naa..i ll pray for the boy who lost the watch in fact the dads touch.Allah sob kichu akh sathe den na insallah tomar life e onek bhalo kichu anonder kichu wait korche tomar jonno ..keep smiling all the time..take lots of care..

(Sunday, February 08, 2004)

aai rokom ek nishshas a dui part pora bodh hoi aai prothom ghotechhe ,ontoto amar khetre.apnar lekhar haat osomvob naam ki valoobasha deya jai na??amar to tai mone ta hoito ekta clue.
aai prithibite sob kichhu e ek din hariye jai. kintu valoobasha kokhono harai na.kono na konokhan a theke e jai........apni valoo thakun

(Monday, February 09, 2004)

Khub sundor likhesen.

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