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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, February 07, 2004
The Watch (Part 1 )

don’t know how was father. I have not any remembrance of my father. Because my father was died before my born. I have never seen his picture. When my father died my mother concealed everything of my father because this thing creates pain.

But, my mother use a watch, which is my mother marriage, gifted by my father. This watch is too little but very beautiful. I have very fascination about this watch. When mother return from her job, she just keep the watch on the table, I run-up & wear the watch. I am looking this watch & feeling so strangeness. I seem that & feel that, touches of my father. I very much addicted by using that watch, Though I had done this in hide, In absence of my mother, because my mother don’t like on personal things to use of others. And she was too strict. When I wear that watch I feel so amusing feeling which I cannot explain.

I have passed my time using my mothers watch in hidey. No body doesn’t know my inner feelings.In that time every “Eid” occasion we visit my grandmother house. Our grandmother village is very nearest in the town. Every of my cousin are waiting only for the Eid occasion because we are enjoying very much in my grandmother houses. Usually once we visit my groundmather house & making so fun. Suddenly my mother lost her watch. My mother was tremendously shocked by lost her watch. We are founding this watch everywhere; every place but watch is not found. I am too much crying. Everybody’s strange to see my crying & they couldn’t find any explanation why I am crying. But I know what do I have lost. I am not enjoying that much in that Eidday because my mind does not play with me. We completed the Eidday & come back in our house.

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People Discussion
(Sunday, February 08, 2004)

khub sundor bornona korecho ,potu uponnashiker moto.
mone hoy jeno kobitay ruup deei.

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