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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, February 06, 2004
From: dark_angel
Live or Die???

We eat to survive,we earn money to have a wonderful life we do so many things...

But...we all know that one time we will die....why we have to die?????has anyone really thought that after death how we will bee?????

People Discussion
(Friday, February 06, 2004)

We have to die...only to make our life more meaningful...more wonderful....

'morite chahi na ei shundoro vubon-e"---- morite hoibei boliai...vubon ta etto shundor....

are life after death i am not sure if science has any explanation about it... [bivinno dhorme... bivnno porinoti r kotha bola hoyeche jodi o]

(Friday, February 06, 2004)

I most definitely know where I will be

(Friday, February 06, 2004)

why we have to die??
dear,sob kichhu er e shesh onnovabe bolte gele rupantor achhe.tai mrituta ekta shesh ba rupantor.jodi mritu na thaktu tahole ki hoibe??jeebonta ek gheyemi hoye jeto na??aar aaijonna e jeebon onek sundar,tomar kolponar cheye o sundar.
after death??
jodi savabik mritu hoi...tahole deho ta matir niche put a rakha por....thak na kichhuta secret.....
sobcheye mojar bapar ki jano??jeebon er protita khetro e rohossomoy...
abar hoito na....
anyway think more about it....

(Friday, February 06, 2004)

Dhurrr eshob kotha tulish keno!!
Life's short...enjoy!
But...i'll end up waaayyy down below that i know #nervous#

(Saturday, February 07, 2004)

tui konobhabai end up hobi na Gemi

apnar ekta kotha khub bhalo is really a mysterious thing.....every step is mysterious...jibon kokhon kondike niye jabe kono thik nai....lolz

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