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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
From: bushra
Konka u r right.

Every ones way is different. I grew up hearing robindro-songit. Whenever I am with his poems or songs or writings I feel most comfortable. But in taking any decisions I pay very little attention to him. I know the world doesn’t work like that. So what !!
Nothing in this world can give me the feelings when I hear something like
“ adharar gaay gaay porosh tobo,
sara rat futak tara nobo nobo,
noyoner dristi hotay ghucbay kalo,
jaykhanay porbay saythay dekhbay alo,
baytha mor uthbay jolay urdhopay-ay…….”

Mind and brain are two different thing. You cant judge the way you feel, or you cant make yourself feel like the way you judge you should.

Gibran, kafka or Robindronath, u can judge all of them, their creations. But you can never judge your feelings or emotions or simply the “YOU” inside you. And this is where these people live forever. Within you, close to your soul. And this is where they wanted to be. Close to us, near to us, being one of us.

People Discussion
(Monday, August 06, 2001)

so, what's your point?

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

kuashaa fren,

dont look for any points in something you like very much ......that was my point....haha....i knew i m a damn bad writer......
akta phul jokhon bhalo lagay ,tokhon ki phul tar upor experiment koray bola uchit "aayto perfect phul its not good to like it"....

does everyone has to teach us something or should we learn from our life,our experience ....
and still if u dont get any point ,then dont look for any point....its nothing that important ....or who knows, maybe there is no point...

have a nice day.

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