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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, October 20, 2000
From: Jahed Ahmed
Fact or belief??

Do we really know that God(?) is there or we just believe ???????????Feedback solicited.

People Discussion
(Saturday, October 21, 2000)

It is an age old question. Someone must be responsible to create the Universe. However, mankind has associated religion with God simply to confuse people and to instil fear inorder to submit to their preachings. I think religion makes people blind, fearful, ignorant, worried and in extreme cases hateful and blood letting. If you think that I am wrong please look at TV every day!!! There is so much of hate, cruelty, bloodshed all in the name of religion and God. Have.nt we learned from our own carnage in our motherland? Imagine a world without religion!!!!!

(Saturday, October 21, 2000)

OOPS! Forgot to thank you for raising this extremely imprtant matter. If only people woke up from their blindness only then they will see that how much more pleasant place this universe can be . But then this may never happen because the salesmen of God will have no business.

Jahed Ahmed
(Saturday, October 21, 2000)

Thanks Khondaker for ur valuable opinions.I find it encouraging!By the way,little disagreement of mine with second sentence of ur first opinion i.e."Someone must be responsible to create the Universe.".No, i don't agree simply 'cause that belief immediately leads to the question :how did socalled 'someone' then originate??I believe,science has ,to some extent,provided explaination(remember 'BigBang'theory) althgough much of the things remain yet to be elucidated.But we should also consider the fact that age of modern science has been just more than half a century or even less!!

(Sunday, October 22, 2000)

I just posted a lengthy discussion but seems that that did not go through. In summary I agreed 100% with you. I strongly believe that we are the result of genetic cloning of alien beings and apes. People will laugh at this theory now. A good source will be 'Gods of the new millennium' by Alan P. Alford.

(Thursday, January 11, 2001)

People, people people! Why does the question rise again and again, I fail to see !! It's a matter of pure faith - all this religion business, that's all I believe (and have so far been led to believe). If you don't want to subscribe to any line of thought (or belief), who cares?
But, I think it would be wiser (and perhaps indicative of a more refined mind) not to bring big bang (or for that matter, big crunch, black holes, the expanding universe, and all that science crap that Stephen G Hawking has so successfully inculcated in your minds) into the discussion at all. I would suggest reading 'Cosmos' by one of the most brilliant minds in science, the late Dr. Carl Sagan (this series has recently been set to be revived on DVD).

(Wednesday, September 05, 2001)


(Wednesday, September 05, 2001)


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