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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, January 31, 2004
From: dark_angel

Kom beshi to shobai shopno topno dekhe???????accha what kind dreams do u see in ur sleep????has any of ur dreams came true?????some people says that dreams are dreams it never comes true..........but my theory is diffrent........which says that depends on what we are dreaming about......if I say that I dream that I am going to become the president in US or that I dreamt that I married Sharukh Khan then of course then that's unbeleivable coz that never will be trueeeeeee .........but but if I say that I dreamt that I will do well in my life become sucessful then I think there is chance coz that dream everyone dreams what do you all think of dreams?????and what is the color of dreams?????it's been bugging meeeeeeeeeee

People Discussion
(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

i dream of shundori shundori maias all around me

and umm psychologists ra bole... shopner kono rong nei.....shada kalo....
kintu....amar shopno gula shob shomoy-e rongin

ontora ..
(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

ami atto loads of sopno dekhi je morning e mone thake na kono sopno..

(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

sometimes its boring to dream anbout osmething you cant get

(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

dark angel..tumi thako koi? khao ki? koro ki?..tumi USA'r President hober shopno dekho? amio US thaki..pls tumi President hoile amar dike kheyal raikho..amare tomar Chatting Advisor banayo Chokh bondho kori..r khuilla dekhi Kajj e jabar time hoyeche..shopno dekhar time koi?

(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

I dream a lot but cant remember most of them (especially the good ones involving my GF ). But I think I experienced 'dejavu' (as explained in 'The Matrix') sometimes. Once when i was in 1st grade i dreamt of being in a rickshaw with my aunt at a traffic light near Malibagh and she said something. I saw this at least 3 times in 2 yrs and the same incident happened at least twice. Although its trivial but I remember because how everything matched (words, time etc.)

(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

More recently I clearly remember a dream watching it few times in past few years in 2 diff forms. First one involved me in a cruise ship with lots of ppl and a huge fireball from sky dropped in the ocean. Second one is same incident except we are watching it as a live event on tv on another part of the world. I think i know what its about and i hope it doesnt become true in my lifetime. Funny thing one of my best friends have seen the same dream (lil diff form). Maybe the film 'deep impact' made an impact on me

(Saturday, January 31, 2004)

ara souls bhai us pres to kothar kotha .....jokhon likhtesilam......mathai aar kisu ashtesilo na

ar Sb plz reee boyosh to kom holo na tor.......ektu thik ho

(Sunday, February 01, 2004)

Ami kono shopno dekhi na
Kajei ebapare kicchhuuu bolar nai darkyyyy

(Saturday, June 19, 2004)

dreams are nothing but things which are in our unconcious mind. for example we are thinking abt smth particular den we dream abt that thing... dreams are more like dejavus!! dreams coming tru ?? the chances are 1 to 10,000... which is why u shud never quit dreaming,... afterall the life we lead is more a dream den a nightmare... :) Rest in peace ppl

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