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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, August 05, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
aabar bhalobasha

bhalobasha maane ki paglami????

People Discussion
(Monday, August 06, 2001)

Ki mone hoy tomar, shorno??!! Paaglaami noy to ki..??!!

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

janina...Oni, jante chai....

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

Kichhu paaglaami, kichhu bastobota... ei amar bhalobasha...!!!!

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

na beshe to bojha jabe na bhalobasha ki. aar bashle bola jai na e bhalobasha ki.

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

agnibina....confusedkore diccho tumi aamake!!

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

Agnibina... I cannot agree with you... maanlaam, naa beshe bojha jaabe naa... bhalobasha kiii!!!

Tobe, bhalobesheo jodi naa bojho bhalobasha kiiiii.... tahole to tumi bhalobashtei paaroni, bondhu!!!!

Aar shorno, tomar confused hobaar konoi kaaron nei... bhalobasha-r shongaa bhalobasha nijei...!!! Tobe eta thik, paagol naa hole kaaoke bhalobasha jaay naa... ei kotha taa aami bishwash kori..!!!

(Monday, August 06, 2001)

Oni-the expert on bhalobasha!!!

(Friday, August 10, 2001)

tumi bhul korle aktara. "ami bolechi na beshe to bojha jabe na bhalobasha ki"

"aar bashle BOLA jai na e bhalobasha ki."

kothatar depth bojha gelo?

(Monday, January 27, 2003)

Thik! Bhalo na baashle bojha jaay naa bhaalobasha ki jinish. Tobey ore thekeo dangerous jinish holo 1.5 sided bhalobasha. Ekdik theke puro, aar ek dike achhe ki nei bojha jachhe na... ete je puro pokkho, taar besh khoti hoy... Onubhob korechhi, taai bolchhi.

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