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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2004
About B2k Admins !!!!

Thanks You..for ur Opinion about all B2k Admins..we all appriciate ur an Admin of this Bangla2000..our first and main goal should be keep this room nice and friendly to all of our chatters..Recently, i observed few of my fellow Admins r engaing themselves with their own personal matters and discussing in B2k..i think as an Admin or as a regular Chatter..we shouldn't bring our personal matters into B2k..i Urge all of our chatters pls leave your Personal Matters outside of B2k..and try to keep our beloved Bangla2000 more friendlier to all..

You all might know that currently Banglacafe and BD Chat are out of service for Technical problems...for that more chatters will visit our Bangla2000 to spend their free time..we want to show them that our Bangla2000 is much better, friendlier and full of Fun to chat request to all of our Admins and Chatters..pls try to keep this room nice and clean..

Finally.. my Opinion is..all of our Bangla2000 Admins r doing great Job..and helped us bring bangla2000 a friendlier place to chat..

Thank You..

People Discussion
(Wednesday, January 21, 2004)

Oh Souls bhai joss bolechhen...kintu oi Admin gula ke?

(Wednesday, January 21, 2004)

"fellow Admins r engaing themselves with their own personal matters and discussing in B2k"
I think brO, Not only Admin, who are regular n famous chatters , but also should leave their personnal matter in b2k. which messed up b2k.
Nway, Try to do my beSt ...

(Wednesday, January 21, 2004)

amar bolar kisu chilo nah...:(

(Wednesday, January 21, 2004)

wel said lau
ami to admin hisebe decent n better ki bolish?

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

cap dada tumar cheye ami bhalo

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

Souls its good that you are looking at the wellbeing of the room...there is no questioning to your point that personal matters should indeed be kept out of the room ..all i would like to say is this ..that sometimes emotions take over you ...and i guess thats what happens to many of us ..matters can be handled and supressed ..i know that those who believe in me and know me there is no point in pulling any more and let live! and in the end i would like to point out also..admins ra chatter..but above all this we are all human beings and nobody's perfect!

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

and showed great responsibility towards b2k and its presentation towards the "outsiders" ...ever thought how ppl would react to seeing one of the best admins of the room making a public presentation of his fellow admins? you could have easily said all these to the admins by mailing them rather than just making a public issue out of it ...kotha ta to ekhon onno admin der r roilo na te publish korar por to besh personal e lagche bepar ta ke r a responsible admin..this kind of action didnt seem too well from your side..

We all make mistakes and hope to see b2k back to its original form...

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

Anurika..thanks for ur very unfortunate for b2k that and myself that i am forced to post this matter in BB..yes, i can easily e-mail to all the Admins..but pls don't forget..what u r doing as an Admin in the room its not good..u openly used banned words against me which many of our regular chatters saw my question to u think what u did in b2k was fair? whatever u said against me..i just let it go..didn't said anything..coz then it will make more mess in b2k..and i am very sorry,,u forced me to post this issue in the BB.. only request to all of our Admins and chatters let us forget the Past..and dedicate ourselves how can we make our beloved Bangla2000 more better and friendlier place to chat..

Thank You all for ur support and Understanding..

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

Ami Obak hoye jacchi Anurika ar Souls er kanddo dheke...ADMIN hishebe aro serious howa uchit amader...ebhabe posting diye B2K ke bibrothokor obosthae felaa karo uchit noy..Ami Nijei Lojja pacchi ekon...chatter ra onek kothai bolbe...obijug tader thakthei pare..eta nuton kono bishoy noy...kintu ADMIN ra jodhi seta niye BB te posting diye kamra kamri kori ta kintu shuboniyo noy!
Eta Lojjar bishoy..esob posting amader bethitho kore...

(Thursday, January 22, 2004)

User sobuj said it perfectly. By posting in BB the issue basically may spin out of control because its public. It is indeed sad to see because all the admins involved in this are well respected and loved by most chatters. I have been privileged to receive internal discussions in B2K among admins (and I dont think I am worthy of such trust). And I noticed admins take great care to do such communciation privately (mailing list etc.). I sincerely hope this current departure from that practice doesnt result in negative effect on the BB. My best regards for B2K, BB and all the admins.

(Saturday, January 24, 2004)

Sobuj brO, ki bolbo, tomar comments ta porlam,
amader Nijeder Moddei GOLOD dekhci, r ai shob posting pore Regular r New Chatter ra akhon Hashbe, ai r ki....
Tader k chance ta may be amrai kore dilam.....

(Saturday, January 24, 2004)

amake shobai pick kore keno...amar leg and arms bag-ge keno....ami ki dosh korlam........

(Saturday, January 24, 2004)

hey sabuj
obak hobar kichhu e nei..amra to emon e......naki???????????

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