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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004
From: J-122
Publics Opinion
Description: is a flick away to see our loveable bangla2000 forum become a is we never expected but happen..we few chatters were talking in the chat room & angerly waiting to see the flame of shybal & navims comments..i myself kept coming to see either of navim or shybals opinion against rosemary & prayed they will not do such thing to bangla2000 forum become a memory..still thanks to them..

..we understand shybals posting was not as bad as rosemary expressed..rosemary can not escape from this incidences..morever the posting was for his loyalist friends navim & anik & among us to make laugh..we realize rosemary tried to get the attention all of us by the fame of shybal..what a pathetic rosemary tring to influence shybal navims presence with their aggresive way to concur bangla2000 admin to shut down this site..

..rosemary we missed a popular name in your b2ks prapti you know the name of that popular person?..the person is you & you missed to set in..joyto rosemary joyto you become the darken star of bangla2000 forum..

i do believe in every person freedom & various think..i do believe shybal & navims is the biggest fortune of bangla2000..we should not bring out the personal issues if we have against anyone..i do believe either of shybal or navim will not come up to success rosemarys complex desire..we do not want rosemarys any further postings which could turn out of forum members hand..i do want bangla2000 forums longlive..

People Discussion
(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

NoYa PuBlIc
PrEcIoUs WrItInG:LoNg LiVe BaNgLa2000
RoSeMaRy A DaRkEn FaLlInG StAr Of B2K

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

amar jotodur mone hoi apni bastotar karone hoito oidiner amar postingta monojog diye porenni.aaita hote e pare.ota valoo kore porle dekhben ami bolchhi ,jodi ora oder nongrami bondha na kore tahole b2k er onna chehara dekhbe.orthat nongramite vore jabe bb.oder nongrami utshahito korbe onek notun chatterder,jaha bb er jonna apottijonok.kichhu bikriti ruchisomponna chatter chhara aar keu e aaiguli posondo korbe na.apni jodi oi moner hon tobe somoy nosto korlam ,aai aar kii.

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

oh aarekta kotha..ami karo birudhdhe noi.ami nongramir birudhdhe.ami ekhono chai ora likhuk tobe band word use nakorle e holo.

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

bb a total page achhe 173.aaita search korle apni valoo vabe e dhorte parben,je ke ba kara b2k er bb bondha korte chachhe?aai ghotona aaibar e prothom aage o ghoteche..abong eke baktir karone ghotchhe.baktiti ke aaita seta apni amar cheye valoo janen.

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

..i do know what you meant & another forum member named BlindCode gave you a big slap..getting the big slap you should have awared darken star rosemary..i do know both of them & as for asking to read the previous pages do not support your demand..they two were never after any particular forum member unless anyone comeled to do far as your concern shybal navim did it before so why bangla2000 forum members did not follow them to turn it a nasty site are such a selfish hypocrate with cheap mind..rosemary you should read the comment of BlindCode/Pocha--Meye/Projapoty very carefully..and the thing you kept blabbling was not that take a break & stop knocking at our door to get attention darken star of bangla2000 forum..

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