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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004
From: VanityPress
B2K Needs A War Lord

Following is a mail I’ve received from a deeply vexed user who is a frequenter to the B2K bulletin board. The opinions and ideas expressed in this mail are solely that of the sender. After reading this mail, if you happen to develop shortness of breath, involuntary muscle spasm or any other physical discomfort, I’d suggest you check in to the nearest emergency medical center. Ok, without any further due, here’s the mail:

Dear BB Admin,

Thanks for your action which was definitely warranted. Much appreciation for the apologizes encumbered by your inability to monitor the BB on a regular basis. But in any event, you did what needed to be done. One thing that deeply worries me is the fact that, in spite of your genuine intention, you neither have the time nor the B2K have the money to hire someone to moderate the BB. This is certainly a troublesome situation. I’ve given this a lot of thoughts and considering the gravity of the situation, I’ve decided to offer my humble service to the B2K free of charge and no string attached. It may not be enough, but at least one should try. I’ll sacrifice my blood and sweat to keep the BB free from any vulgarity, slandering, love-making, song-posting, birthday-wishing and whatever else may seem to cause harm to good natured people. Given the opportunity, I’ll establish a despotic domain on the bulletin board. I’ll exercise the stringent rein over my dominion. Everybody will be forced to follow my decree, no matter who posts messages on the board, be that “xxxxxx” or “xxxx” (use expletive), or else – well, it will depend on my mood at that time of the day. I’ll be the War Lord of the sort. I’ll have my own armed militia ready to strike blows at the violators. If I’m not mistaken, some have already expressed willingness to become the foot soldiers (itching for action). I know, I know – any great change requires a revolution. In case you have any doubt, the great revolution is already underway spearheaded by no other than chicken revolutionary Ima. Yes, that’s right – the Chicken Revolution. Make no mistake about it, these are no ordinary chickens, they are three-legged Frankenstein chicken. And I can assure you that the sheer sight of these creatures will make the violators run to their Mamas. As you can see, I’ll leave no stone unturned to make this a success.

Aspiring War Lord

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

Vanity, you wanna keep BB free from love-making! Man!! You are one cruel, misguided, way-out-of-line warlord, we just can't let you use Ima's revolutionary 3 legged–chicken for the wrong cause!!

(Friday, January 09, 2004)

"Everybody will be forced to follow my decree", boy oh boy we have a dictator running around in B2K. Mr aspiring war lord, my 3-leeged chickens have their own cause to fight, they will not be part of ur tyranny. I may add with great pride, that the kind of revolution we are aiming for is a non-violent one, we shall follow the foot step of GURU Gandhi. I suggest u take Sabrina apu’s advice; do make an appointment with her asp. Only she has the power and the ability to “straighten out ur crooked thoughts”.

(Friday, January 09, 2004)

Vanity bro also make an appt with Opsii the Tube gal as well. You will need the blessing of her "Sholar Jharu"!

(Friday, January 09, 2004)

Cluster, I suppose this is how she (Opsora) blessed you to say this on her behalf.

(Friday, January 09, 2004)

Rony, War-lords are always cruel and not to mention way out of line.

(Wednesday, January 14, 2004)

okay...i understood the rest (well kinda )
but i dont get...
"love-making, song-posting, birthday-wishing and whatever else may seem to cause harm to good natured people."
Ahhem writing n bday wishin cause harm to good natured people??? God i must have been livin in another planet or sumthin cuz this is goin over my head!...

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