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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004
From: cluster11
Suggestion to BB moderation problem

Let me spell out a plan and see if this is do-able to resolve the moderation issue.

The ideal solution for this is to have a custom (authenticated) moderator view and redirect all posts to that view where a pool of moderators can approve/deny messages. And then only approved messages will show up in the BB. But that may require additional programming. So an easier solution maybe yahoogroups.

Yahoogroups has a bulletin board system that can be viewed online just like the BB. I have created a sample one for B2K that can be used but ideally the BB_Admin shud create one to have full control. The group can be made moderated and public so anybody can view and post message (that goes to approval queue). A list of users as moderators (chosen from current B2K admins) will be added who can approve/deny/delete messages. All this requires jsut a few button clicks and no programming. The one change required in B2K is to redirect the BB link to the new group after it is setup. I can provide the details and willing to help out if this sounds practical. Sb also has made a suggestion that can be looked at and can be a temporary simple solution.


People Discussion
(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

Apnar suggestion o balo cluster.
Amar mone hoy re direct korar somoy somoshsha hoybo.
Kew jakon amader sadenota & mokhoshdare nare purosh jara somaj dasher sorbonasa k nea kobeta kabhbho lekhbo takhon BB gonotontro dojadarera babhbho ata oslel tay censor.
Amader jeta prayojon seta hoylo manosekota & boje o na bojar manosekota poreborton kora.

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

Well by your logic Dhiman B2K shud not even have a moderated chatroom !? Or maybe you can explain why hardly anybody goes to "Lifestyle" (unmoderated) room to chat even though they have "shadhinota" there. Dont u think the possibility of not having to read offensive language maybe a reason why so many ppl use the "Friends" room?


(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

On the re-direct issue its just a one-line code change.
Anyway its all up in the air because as I said before i dont see any pressing needs among b2k admins to implement this.


(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

basher thaikka konchi boro who's asking your solution.

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

tomar sugg ta sundar.kintu ekta jinis vebe dekho je ,amara jodi nijerai nijeder thik rakhi tahole eto alochonar e dorkar pore na.keno amader dorkar pore eto kothar?asha kori goto koyekdiner eto likhar por sobai posting er agge ekti vebe dekhben je shadhinotar opobobohar korchhi kina.amra aasole jatigoto vabe e kono kichhu mene choli o tar baire noi.

thanks cluster.
kothao ami hariye jabo..manush ke somman korte shikhun.thanks all

Rony Salman
(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

Just couldn't help dropping a line appreciating ssswamje's last line, a person, whatever accomplished a person he is, will never get respect in life unless he learns to respect others!! Thanks sswamjee!

(Friday, January 09, 2004)

To "KothaoAmiHariyeJabo" (scared to post under his real nick) - you have to be blind or intentionally forgetful to not see TSR's post abt wanting to shut down the BB and also his response to rosemary's post. Now sure u can turn this in a mindless pi***ng contest (wud go well with ur nameless identity) but thats upto you. As i said it cuts both ways!


(Friday, January 09, 2004)

I agree with sswamjee's point on the mentality and self-respect problem some ppl has on this board. But we cant expect TSR to come up with an ideal solution that satisfies everybody. I mean the very fact that he has kept this free service running is admirable. So I suggested a solution with minimal effort from experience with other moderated forums that are quite popular among desi online communities.

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