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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004
From: ima
The chicken saga continues ....

I am not a chicken in the sense you call me a chicken
I am just a chicken because I am a chicken

People think of a chicken as a coward cow or a donkey
And thus they use my name to insult others, when they
feel angry

I am a chicken because my genes are from chicken
And there is nothing wrong in me, nothing is hidden

I am just sort of nervous when you come to catch me
Beacuse I know you will put me in a hot pan to cook
your curry

Hey, I am not a coward, I can fight
For my babies whenever I feel it is right
I can fly to attack any predator with my claws
And in my world to protect my babies, you know, I do
always make my laws

I know you will love to fill your stomach with my meat
You will say yummy yummy and praise the cook for
making me a tasty treat

I also know you will be glad, happy, savy and
overeating even

But you will never say for once "Thank you, thank you,
thank you chicken".

So tell me now
Who is the chicken and how?

Written by the one and only floating bird..leader of the "Chicken Revolution" Grp.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

sabrina apu, V and Rony bhai just incase if u guys are reading this b4 u read my response for posting "3-legged chicken", plz read the response first then this, it will make more sense

(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

it's nice..thanks chicken.

(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

nice one ima

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

wow ima pu ,...chicken revolution grup...hmmm well piece..but wondering who else other than you and the chicken put an input to this piece ??..the revolutionary 3 legged chickens?? surely not hehehe bcos they would be busy boasting about how WE are the CHICKENS now

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

hahahaha and here's a evolutionary song title for u and ure chicken grup.."we are the chicky grup ..we are the chicky grup" ..just kidding puuuu...nice one ..take care pu :) -lots and lots

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

lombu jeee i love the "evolutionary song"...a very good marketing tool, thanks. We are always looking for active members, how about u? U can be in charge of campaign...

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)


(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

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