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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 01, 2001
From: ferari_

THAT which we had we still possess,
Though leaves may drop and stars may fall;
No circumstance can make it less
Or take it from us, all in all.

That which is lost we did not own;
We only held it for a day--
A leaf by careless breezes blown:
No fate could take our own away.

I hold it as a changeless law
From which no soul can ever sway or swerve,
We have that in us which will draw
Whate'er we need or most deserve.

Even as the magnet to the steel
Our souls are to the best desires;
The Fates have hearts and they can feel--
They know what each true heart requires.

We think we lose when most we gain;
We call joys ended ere begun;
When stars fade out do skies complain,
Or glory in the rising sun?

No fate could rob us of our own--
No circumstance can make it less;
What time removes was but a loan,
For what was ours we still possess.

(Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 01, 2001)

If it was us to give and the same we were to take, to make it our possession what we possess .... we never have to believe we got to lose it all.

My friend .... now I have learnt to believe. With a friend like you beside .... we can compose our own poem with our own truth. Now I dare to dream that high .... for you yourself are that belief of mine. Our life itself could be that poem of ours.

As for me we don't have to believe we don't deserve. If my faults are my sins unforgiven, I have nothing to say. But to me you were always like a decent child, scared and undecided about the odds of life. To me you have never had a fault, and I got nothing to forgive.

May our Good Lord bless us all.

(Sunday, August 05, 2001)

i believe it won't be u and me ...and may be i won't wanna be beside any one.. other than the person who posseses me..

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