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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2004
From: ima
3-legged chicken

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful break . Enjoy....

"A man was driving down a country road one day at 45 miles per hour when suddenly he noticed a 3-legged chicken running at the same speed beside his truck.

Though he thought this odd, the man decided to speed up so he wouldn't cause an accident with the chicken.

The man sped up to 55 miles per hour, but low and behold, so did the 3-legged chicken.

The man then sped up to 65 miles per hour only to again be equaled in speed by the 3-legged chicken.

As the man watched in amazement, the chicken suddenly made a sharp left turn and took off down a side road toward a small farm.

The man quickly also made the left turn and followed the chicken to the small farm, parking out front.

Looking around the man found the farmer around back in the midst of many 3-legged chickens.

After greeting the farmer, the man asked him why he was raising 3-legged chickens.

"Well we figure," said the farmer, "that with an average family of 3 people, only 2 can have a chicken leg with an average chicken. But with a three legged chicken, each member of the family can enjoy a chicken leg of their own."

"That's pretty wise," said the man, who then asked "Well how do your 3-legged chickens taste?"

"I don't know," said the farmer. "We've never been able to catch one."

Three legged chicken jindhabaad..!!




NOW !!!!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, January 06, 2004)

Nice one Ima ..

I want 3 legged chicken .. I can hav it at Anytime ..

My Image Code: 09-016 Will fetch it 4 me .. .. Ain't my Image Code: 09-016 ??

(Tuesday, January 06, 2004)

3-legged chicken indeed

(Tuesday, January 06, 2004)


(Tuesday, January 06, 2004)

Three legged chicken – definitely a funny title. So, I kept reading and with the each increase of speed, my curiosity was also racing with equal, if not more, intensity, only to be fell flat and settled with “Jindhabaad”. So Ima, what happened? Have I missed something? Maybe I’m still suffering from the hangover. Please make me laugh, I need it.

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, January 06, 2004)

Ima, let me know when you catch that 3 legged chicken, we each can have a piece of leg; you, me and the camel (....a half-hearted voluntary attempt to make Vanity laugh)!! Keep running Ima!!

(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

Phew!! I thought I was the only one ... much relieved to find out that oh!so!wise! vanity missed the joke too. But, how does ur camel fit into all this Rony? And why does ur Camel like chicken leg??? Somebody plz unravel this mystery before vanity loses his buzz and I lose my sleep over it.

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

'You, me and the Camel' was a hilarious expression used by a character in an American movie (I don't remember); I thought the expression was popular .....ignorant me!! Anyways, that was meant for Vanity to make him laugh...! And why does my Camel like chicken leg? Never asked it, I will do one thing, I will send it to B2k, and the camel will speak for itself!
I guess Ima's joke was about the too lengthy narration of having the taste of 3 legged chicken with the last one line telling about not being able to grab one!! We put our long relentless endeavor, work and talk on things that have been destined from the beginning to end up in nothing!! Sounds more of a moral than a joke, Ima would know better!!

(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)


(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

Sabrina apu and V…..the simple explanation is, I have a dream….a dream to start a “chicken revolution”. Being a vegetarian the idea of having 3-legged chicken appealed to me so much..i just could not resist. The sheer thought of having such speedy chicken was just too overwhelming. If we are able to produce such creatures, it would revolutionize the “chicken world”, perhaps they would no longer be called chicken (by the way why are they called chicken which also means coward, surely they deserve a better title). Once they (the 3-legged chickens) realize their full potential they will revolt against being victims of human consumption…. they will demand to have their voice heard…their rights respected ….oh yes I dream of that day.

(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

Rony bhai, deep thoughts, u are right be a certain degree, the last few lines we meant to cause an uproar ..I shall look forward to hearing from ur camel. But make sure to warn ur camel of the 3-legged chicken.

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, January 07, 2004)

Ima, I didn't need to warn my camel about your 3-legged chicken, it got too chicken to go after the 3-legged chicken, not because of the smart chicken but because of your proclamation about the chicken revolutions!!

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

..Rony bhai did u not like the poem written by the one and only floating bird? If u have not read it plz do so ..positing "the chicken saga continues"

(Thursday, January 08, 2004)

Rony, you should have tried whole hartedly.

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