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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004
From: -Gemini-
Unconditional Love

Is there truly anything called "Unconditonal Love" or is it sumthin that's just made up?
What do you think? Ei shobdo ta ki manusher bhrom naki shotti ei temon kichu exists?

People Discussion
(Sunday, January 04, 2004)

There is no term without any conditionImage Code: 08-008

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

sontaner proti mayer bhalobasa shortohin , eta tomader janar kotha ,tomorato mayeri jaaat.

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

Yes , still there is something call True love. I agree with you Oli bhaiya...thobay unconditional love shudu shonatener proti mayer bhalo bashata-e simabodho noi...that can be exist between true friends, lover, husband wife. Also can exist between real bro and sister. Take care Gemini.

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

no....there isn't any kind of relationship without based without any condition....but Parents'........

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

based without**

(Monday, January 05, 2004)

agree with sky_lina

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