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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, July 29, 2001
From: heemel

Thanks Konka .... for reading my words and for the sympathy. Your writings are not new to me.

We have at least one thing in common ... I also like Kahlil Gibran.

People Discussion
(Monday, July 30, 2001)

dont try to find so many things in common, unless i will tare every single cunt of ur body..

(Monday, July 30, 2001)

"only great sorrow and great joy can reveal your truth"- Kahlil Gibran.

heemel, Kahlil ar Raobindronath ridoyer govire ashon gere boasha dui manuhs, aamke guide kore, aamke poth dekhay. tomake-o ki??

April is lucky that she has got a true frined, a friend like you. No matter what she has been through, she will never lose her way.

(Monday, July 30, 2001)

I must appreciate your selection of words.

I don't understand why you should react this way. It was just between Konka and me.

I thought I saw there were three responses .... where are the other two ??!!

(Monday, July 30, 2001)

Oooops .... I'm sorry that I missed your reply earlier, Konka.

Naah Konka .... shob shomoy guide korena. They suggest .... but we differ. But I love their depth and views. Your writings reflect their touch .... I'm impressed.

What you have said must be the best complement of my life .... ofcourse I'm not worth that. But I consider myself real lucky that I met her. Sure Konka .... she will find her way .... with her pride and elegance.

(Monday, July 30, 2001)

lobh shamlate paarchhi na. when i was a student, we spent hours on Gibran, Kafka, Camus. we had to study them. what i have seen in my own eyes people are illogically attached to them. it was like more than a status, giving you great features among friends and neighbours. fortunately i had to do thesis on Gibran and Kafka. and then this feeling developed in me; i started hating these writings.
before i answer you, tell me why you guys are so happy with Gibran? i am on this site for like a month-some more. and saw numerous excerpts on this page. i wonder why?
any good logic for me?

(Tuesday, July 31, 2001)

Hi Kuasha ... nice to know you are an expert on Gibran.

I told Kanka ... cuz I saw it in her writing one day. I told her not for a status. I thot she has got some passion for literature. That's all.

I like Gibran cuz I like the style and depth. But we differ too ....

It'll be nice to hear why you hate him. I found him lovable ... nothing to hate. Anyway, thats my view.

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