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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 29, 2003
From: BB_Media_Post
"ABC OF PARENTING - GOOD ONE" --- from Saint Martin

lways trust your children to Allah's care.

ring them to the Masaajids.
hallenge them to high goals In deen.
elight in their achievements "Masha`Allah"
xalt Allah in their presence "Subhaan`Allah"
rown on evil "Astaghfirullah"
ive them love and understanding
ear their problems, be there for them.
gnore not their childish fears, tel them Allah is Always there.
oyfully accept their apologies, Allah is All Forgiving.
eep their confidence.
ive a good example before them, Islamic ettiquettes.
ake them your friends.
ever ignore their endless questions!
pen your heart to their love.
ray for them by name, ...
May Allah make them the coolness of ur eyz.
uicken your interest in their spirituality, Dhikrullah (remeberance of Allah)
emember their needs, show mercy to them
how them the way of Our Prophet Muhammad and his companions. (peace be upon them All)
each them to appreciate every little in life. "Alhamdulillah"
nderstand they are still young and Innocent. "Fitrah"
erify your statements, speak clearly (Repeat it 3 times) like the way Prophet Muhammad {peace be upon him} used to.
ean them from bad company.
eXpect them to obey, Allah and their parents,
earn for Allah's best for them.
ealously guide them in the Qur'aan and Sunnah.
Insha'Allah w Ameen ya Rub al`alameen

People Discussion
(Monday, December 29, 2003)

Masa allah ..
Such a good stuff ..

(Monday, December 29, 2003)

I just cant belive...a satan like saintsend us such religious stuff always
but its nice.....

(Monday, December 29, 2003)


(Tuesday, December 30, 2003)


(Tuesday, December 30, 2003)


(Tuesday, December 30, 2003)

good work...thanks

(Tuesday, December 30, 2003)

Hmm, St. Martin, nice work
n nice compliments.
also Admirable.
thankS Allah n also u.

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