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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, December 25, 2003
From: -Gemini-
Ekei bole American Immigration

Last night i was at the border...crossin Detroit, Michigan..and comin to Atlanta, GA to see my best friend.
And then..i had the most awful experience...I never expected i'd have to go thru that kind of thing...

What happened was....
When we left Canada..we had to chek in with the American Immigration in Detroit. immigration officer asked me some routine qs like where i was goin...why i was whom i was going...after i've answered him...he sent me to another officer...and he was askin me the same qs over again..this time while chekin my baggage...
So at one point..this 3rd one comes up and asks how come you are not spendin christmas with your family? I answered I'm muslim..he gave me a puzzled look...then asks the 2nd one..She'z muslim? Then why is she goin to Atlanta?
Shunar shathe shathe icha hochilo koshae duita chor mari duitake...mere boli...Is Atlanta prohibited for us or sumthin??
But too bad...kichuy korte parlam na...chup kore aro kichu erokom q' er answer dite holo..ebong eder ei dhoroner nichu manushikotar porichoy pete holo..
Shudhu amake na..greyhound bus e aro jara chilo...tader oneker shathei erokom kichu kichu things korechilo tara...
But amader ke chup kore hojom kore jete hoyechilo...we couldnt say anything..karon...whatever they were was for "security" what could have we said?
Pore abar bus cholte shuru korar pore onnoder kach theke amar moto experience er kotha shunlam...
Amar tokhon shei Detroit theke Atlanta porjonto gaa chir bir korchilo raage...
but tarpore aj dupure amar friend ke prothom barer moto dekhe shob bhule gelam
Ekhon boshe boshe or shathe golpo korar fak e mone pore gelo kal shondhar oi bitter experiencer kotha ta...and icha holo share korte with u give u an idea how they treat Canadians and Muslims these days...and amar moto oi duitar mixed hole to kothai nei!

People Discussion
(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

Tough luck u got a dumb security official in your case. The "Orange alert" now in effect may also be a reason for overzealous security scrutiny (especially if u r coming by road). Some cops here in GA are even dumber. One time a relative of mine was gettin her driver license. Stupid cop was givin her hard time despite all the right papers, so she showed her Bangaldeshi passport. The guy was liek "oh your green card!" (probably 'cause its green color!) and smiled and gave her the necessary papers.

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

Hmm Sotti karap lagche sune ..
But ja hobar hoeagache .. Amader shate share korar jonno Tinkuu ..

Vaggis officer ar vagoo valo Tumar hater chor kai nai ..

Nny way Say hi to ure friend from all the chatters of B2K ..

Image Code: 09-016

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

Haha cluss bro!
I will Rahol

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

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