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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, December 25, 2003
From: ondhokaar
Come on Life-For-Rent

Hey.... sori bolar kichu nai. Actually ami r monalisa real life e khub valo freind. Amra sharadin jhogra kori. Tai ekhaneo moja kortam. But kauketo bother korini. I know this is an open discussion room, if we done anything wrong; then sori to all. Monalisa b2k chinto na, ami niye eshechi, jodio ami b2kte khub kom thaki, but i like this chat room. Tai apni emon vabe kotha gulo likhechilen, ektu koshto peyechilam.... r onno onek keo dekhlam khub moja peyeche..... anyway..... apnar kothay keu keuto moja pelo....hav fun......

People Discussion
(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

ai kane dhorlanm, 5 bar Kane dhore uthbosh korchi...r amon korbo na... .....
Bhai ami regular n onek ager bolte paren..just fun korechi....Please forgive me...

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

nijer mathai nijei Haturi Peta korchi..Image Code: 01-017....


Dosh korle dosh shikar korar moto manoshikota amar sorry..feel korchi..

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

come on guys..cheer up...comon join meImage Code: 05-033

(Thursday, December 25, 2003)

Tumi Dakchi Thattha (joke) kora jano na ..

Amaora kaw life ar kotha seriously vabe nei nai ..
Aroo koto kotha sunbe R amora o sunbo ta ki thik ache .. .. .. ..
Cholo abar nachi .. Image Code: 09-016Image Code: 09-016Image Code: 09-016

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