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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2003
From: Sb
Proshongo: From: blackboard ..Subject: What would you do or think ....

He started saying, "you know, it's not only YOU GUYS, there are PUERTO RICAN TERRORISTS TOO

its not only "muslims" .... but there are other terrorists as well......

je keu shunle.. bujhbe je.. this guys thought all terrorists were muslims ('YOU=implied to that muslim girl'), but he found some new informartion..which is... there are others.who are terrorists too.

eta hoyto ..shudhu tar dosh na..kintu the way..most USA electronic and non-electronic medias r portraying things.....ekta misconception toiri kore dichhe among common people.

agey chilo only Laden. Ekhon sathe jog hoyeche Saddam. Villaneous role e show kora hochhe shudhu matro takey. 80s er Iraq Iran war er shomoy... Irani-der upore..nerve gas attack korar jonne Saddam ke dayi kora hochhey.

Kintu it was USA, who helped Saddam regime to develop those weapons during Iraq/Iran war. And USA had prior knowledge that these nerve gases and other unconventional weapon were goin to be used on Irani people. But Since the then Irani regime was a threat for US-dominance in the middle-east, they kept mum about it. Tokhon Saddam er dosh hoy ni. Ekhon when he destroyed all his weapons, ekhon shob dosh tar. karon ki?

how many of USA/Western media highlight koreche..what Saddam did (with direct assistance from USA) during Iraq-Iran war??? kintu Iraqi Kurdish people der upore when he used nerve gas in mid 90s, there was an uproar in the west. karon Saddam tokhon was of no use to them.


People Discussion
(Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

I disagree on the way you are interpreting the sentence and thinking everyone else will think the same way. I dont know if its a linguistic problem or what but I'll give a simple example - in conversation on college football a colleague or acquaintance tells me "YOU guys lost bad to US big time last year". And he is implying UGA where I graduated from and Univ. Of Florida where he graduated from. Now both those school's have 25,000 plus students and neither he or me are students there anymore. So he obviously is not impying that every single georgia grad and alumni played in the match. "YOU" therefore referes to a logical grouping (i.e. UGA students & alumni, or muslim ppl) and implying a certain subset (a football team or terrorists). In fact this kind of misconception only fuels further negativity in an already biased anti-U.S. mindset.

(Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

As for the rest of the post I am not sure how that's relevant. Surely you arent impying that the American ppl (and the media) are so dumb that they believe everything the adminsitration says? Or it maybe a case of not being exposed to enough U.S. media. One only has to listen to NPR (largest public broadcast radio in U.S.) or read NY Times (largest circulation in U.S.) or watch MSNBC or even FOX (Alan Colme's on Hannity & Colmes the #1 show for its timeslot in news TV) to see nobody is trying to hide Saddam's past deeds and is in fact pointing out the double standards of the admisnitration. Maybe a new topic can be started on this issue.

(Saturday, December 27, 2003)

nice discussion, thankS all...
take care

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