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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 22, 2003
From: dark_angel
What is the Meaning?

What is the meaning of this cruel fated world?
Why do people have to suffer in pain?
I don't get this life why is it so hurtful?
Is God really the one to blame?

So many questions go unanswered,
Yet there are so many questions and so little time.
I'm loosing faith because so many people blame god.
Even though you say "Its fine!"

Why do we have to suffer in misery?
Is God the one to blame?
He gave us so much,
Yet he also gave us pain.

Actually lifer meaning ta ki????amader whole world ta kemon jani jontrer moto hoie jacche taina???....keu karo jonno time nai.....koto manush suffer korche ekdike...aar kichu manush they are leading their lives like a king....why this happens???

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

I would say people actually enjoy more freedom and care better for each other today as a society than 300 years back (No UNICEF back then!). But due to huge population growth and mass media, the difference between wealthy and poor are 100 times more apparent today than back then.

The meaning of life is however an interesting question. What do you think dark_angel? How wud u define life? And how wud you define God?

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

I well.......if i say how i define life it would be...

I think that life is not a bed of's very is full of struggle.......esp...ami jeta bolte pari je amar jonno life ta je bed of roses sheta bolbo na.....from age of 3 i had is a mix up off happiness and shob kichu positive ba negative whatevar it is can take it ezily infact takes everything in life ezily....can lead a good and normal life

And GOD....I think we all beleive that GOD exists.....and so for this beleive in life whatevar fall may and downs.......whatever it maybe...........we beleive that someone is up there who will give us strength.....and for we beleive that GOD exists........we some of us when do something we think twice......janina guchiye bolte parlam naki....

ontora ..
(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

nice posting dark angel.take care.

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

Life means what you want it meant to be..

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