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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 22, 2003
From: Sb

ektu agey amake ekjon jiggesh korlo...muslim hoye christmas wish kora ki worst naki..ami uttor e temon kichu na vebei ... bollam...
'worst na..but a muslim doesnt wish another one merry christmas....but yeah ..u can wish the christian community or ur friends who are christians'

.... tarpor ki vebe jeno ulta prosno korlam ami...'hv u ever seen a christian wishing another christian on eid?'...uttor was a straight and simple "na"

then why do we(jara Muslim) wish everyone merry christmas?..ekta karon hote pare... amra shuvechha ta shobaike dite chachi.....kintu there could be other ways of passing shuvechha/wishing..tai na??

another thing that popped up in my mind is that... onek Muslim kei dekhi... onek moja kore..anondo kore...they celebrate April 1, or april first. Do they really know why people in the west celebrate april 1? or what happened on april 1?
janle hoyto ondher moto april 1 udjapon korto na!

People Discussion
(Monday, December 22, 2003)

I haven't said April fool to anyone since I knew it was a trick over muslims..So no comments over that!

Never wished anyone Merry Christmas while in Bd simply I didn't have any Christian Friends..I mean whats the fuss here? Why would a muslim wish a muslim Merry Chirtmas? Thats simply Foolish...Truly I respect each individual religion, but I would not wish someone Happy holidays If I know he/she is not celebrating it...I would off course wish them who celebartes the holidays like Christians and Jews and others, but not a muslim...I am sure any Chirtians who would go to BD and by seeing the Spirit of Eid And and to show respect would wish us Happy Eid...Just like that, while living here, seeing their Chritmas Spirit, you want to show them too that you respect!
Did I make Any sense?

(Monday, December 22, 2003)

April fool maney 1st april eta Muslim der celebrate kora uchit na amar mote......but Merry X-mas amar ek christian frnd ke wish korle there is no harm........Christiab Christian ke Eid Mubarak keno bolbe????bolte pare ekjon muslim ke....

(Monday, December 22, 2003)

There is a BIG misconception about April Fool's day not unlike the fallacy of Neil Armstrong becoming a muslim (he is not). From what I recall it has been widely rumored (mostly in muslim countries) that April Fool's day has started from a trick played on Muslims during the Spanish war. While the trick itself maybe true it DEFINITELY was not the origin of April Fool's day. Following is a reference to the origin.

(Monday, December 22, 2003)

The prank started due to disagreement by traditionalists to accept the New Year as January 1 (instead of around March 20th) according to the Gregorian Calendar as decreed by the Pope. Following two sites has more details:

If anyone has any historically accurate document or soft copy showing this was not the origin of April Fool's day I will be glad to learn abt that.


(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

Sorry to stray away from the subject of Sb's post. Here in the U.S. many of my Christian and Hindu friends do wish me a 'Happy Eid'. I have not heard a muslim wishing a fellow muslim 'Happy Christmas' although if personally someone wants to celebrate the birth of Jesus (who is also a prophet in Islam) I have nothing against him/her. In reality however Christmas is more like a holiday celebration and lost most of its religious significance. In fact in some places these days it is considered "Politically Correct" to say "Season's Greetings" than "Happy Christmas". To be really PC, one shud also say "Happy Hanukah" to a jewish person but I've hardly seen ppl do that!

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

Hmm Sb brO, APRIL FOOL MUSLIM der jonno Celebrate kora uchit noi... Oneke na jene kore, janar por udjapon kora ta obosshoi dosher bishoi MUSLIM der jonno...

R X-mas ar bishoi ta !! (shudu X-mas na, onno je kono religion ar belai ..) If my Cristian frd so much careful to me, n very close wid me, n he/she enjoy all our muslim festival, why we give back to us from their Festival.

Nway, thankS..
tobe Opsi di'r moto amio bolte chai, ami Muslim hoye r akjon Muslim frd or relative k Happy X-Mas bolte pari na, ata shudhu projojjo hobe amar Cristina frd ar belai, & Amar Cristian or uchit hobe na onno Cristian frd k Eid Mubarak bole wish kora...
it's my opinion..
thankS again..

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

Aulaiya fellam nato...

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

sb...good thinking.thanks

(Tuesday, December 23, 2003)

ami nijei amar christian friends der wish kori on Chrismtas.... but like Clusty vai n Opsi said..... kono muslim friend ke wish kori na...

Thanx for ur valuable views and opinions

(Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

shoyopojogi Topic.......
...........nije kichhu bolte cheye-o parlam na...kintu onek-er kaachhe shunba'r protikkhay thaklam.....
..........ebong ~mamu'r beta~~....April 1st-er nepottho ghotona ta tule dhor Plzzzz......onek-er-i jana nei....

(Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

ooops...Sorry...didn't read the cluster bhai's message at first.....
................but is it the real story????

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