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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2003
From: sarah

A few days back I went travelling with my friends, stayed away from home for five days.I learnt something very valuable from that struck me when I got back from the trip, our plane had landed and me and my friends just got out of the belt area taking our luggage, the minute we walked out of that area i see all my friends family gathered there. At the sight of us on the doorway, my three friends family members came to them running with happy faces and arms wide open, embracing them, saying sweet words. They all had someone to welcome them back home there in the airport..I had none. All of a sudden i felt so lonely..and sad, i knew my family couldnt be there due to personal reasons but i somehow felt hollow inside as if there was no base to my being.
It occured to me then that no matter how we want our independence, no matter how we want to be left alone , no matter how much we want to explore the world at the end of the day we would like someone to embrace us ..let us know that we are being loved..and cared. Although I knew that my family wouldnt be there to recieve me, the sight of seeing my friends happily reuniting with their family made me feel down and lonely for a while.
There are many things we take in life for granted and I think many of us take family for granted, but we shouldnt do is a gift from god to us, you need a family and their love, they help define who you are and most of all they make you feel like yourself, they love you for yourself, they love you without the hope of being loved back...
If learning to be independent is what i learnt from that small trip with my friends than i also learnt the importance of family in ones life..i didnt miss my family while I was away because i knew i was going back to them..but yet strangly enough i did miss them when i was going back to them..imagine the irony!!
Anyways i wanted to share this little bit of event with you all just so that i can draw you the importance of family in ones life and so that you may realise them just like i did...

People Discussion
(Wednesday, December 17, 2003)

Darun hoeache sarah apu. jodio amar jibone amon gotona goteche, kintu apner moto a rokom kore likte parbona

(Wednesday, December 17, 2003)

""family is a gift from god to us, you need a family and their love, they help define who you are and most of all they make you feel like yourself, they love you for yourself, they love you without the hope of being loved back...""
Yeah Sarah di...
thankS for sharing...Image Code: 16-001..

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

i also realize it ~~sarah!! its great ! darun likecho sarah.....@

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

Ameen, lombu jeee. My family, ammu, abbu, dada and my sisters, they are my strength and Love them so dearly.

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

Ohhhh .. Attoo attoo Sundor hoeache je vashai bole oo bujate parbo na .. Like that ..

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

love u also..pots and pots of

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

Fantushh, I feel that everyday every single moment being so far away from my own family...Every time I feel Sad, I feel like running to them and hug them and shower them with my problems..
My family my parents my borther and sis, I Love you all to death!
Nice Fantushh!
Love u Too..

ontora ..
(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

my family ..they are simply my everything i cant describe in words...i want my dad mom .fatso..again again n again my every them so much.. more than i can say i can express n i can do.
so touchy posting re u lotssss janeman...

(Thursday, December 18, 2003)

love u tooooo ima pu opsi pu n oriiii janemannnnn...thanks to tamanna,rahol and pahari jubok and crosss daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...just wanted to share what i learnt and wanted to ligthen up u ppls heart...i m glad i reached a few if not all

(Friday, December 19, 2003)

good one sissssss...yes family is some thing we should falue more and never take it for their the ones whos always there for us through the bad and the good.....and we should be more greatfull to allah the almight...and sisss we all love u etto etto and never forget that...are are more then a real sister...and never forget you opsi aps...ima appi..orii mere janeman...and u too sarahbear

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