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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2003
From: Jatmishor

It's really good to know that b2k r protekta gal e dekhchi famous! WOW! Incredible! Awesome!

'Taroka Jorip' er moto b2k te dekhi famous galz dero jorip kora hoy!

Emon childish ar koto din thakbe tomra?

Ami jani amar e post er against e jabe emon pub b2k te bhora!
Whtever i don't care

Pagol manush , bolte iccha holo bollam!

Gopon sutre jante parlam next e 'Miss B2k' Contest O naki hote jacche! kobe hobe amake ektu bolo.... ami judri board e thakbo
Love U!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

jeej cant stop loughing.....ur killing me man!!!!!

so funny...thanx god ekjon to achey ekhane with a little bit sence of humour

b2k petni contest kobe hobe?...just looking forward to it!!!! it the accurate word to difine some pplz act here?....amar brain kaj korchey me plz!!!!!!

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

"It's really good to know that b2k r protekta gal e dekhchi famous!">> yes jatmishor .."protekta" "girl" in b2k is famous ..for their own reasons...what you have quoted is exactly right..we "all" are famous for our personal reasons and i dont see whats wrong with that ..calling oneself and others famous just to make yourself and others feel good is no act of childness jatmishor.what is childish is the fact that you responded in such a gruesome way against such a personal posting

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003) are calling everyone famous and making a mockery out of it..then khubi gopon ek kotha bolle je miss b2k contest hoche..gopon kotha ke fash kore dile...hehehe wow u r real trust worthy! ..if "b2k r portekta gal e famous" then "b2k r protekta gal e miss b2k"...and not to mention 'b2k petni' also! ...but like u remarked " whtever i don't care"..i m assuming you wont care what i said..but others will see that i have clearly pointed out that you are calling every gurl famous in b2k ..yet crticising it are contradicting b2k contest ar hoche na bcos we all are miss b2k jatmishor..board e ar thakte hobe na u have awarded us all with that title!

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

well said jaani bolte chichhilam....bolte giye dekhi....aar beshi kichhu bolle...Someone poche jaabe...emni te-i eto poche aachhe.....aar--o pochle gondho ber hobe....Publicz tokhon BB te dur-gondhe'r kaaron-e Message Post kora to dure'r kotha......nojor-o bulaate aashte paarbe na

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

hahaah bhaiaaaaa

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

Ghum ashe eishob porle....!Ki je hocche chaipash!

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

Jatmishor, u are disgusting!!!
How could you make fun of ones personal opinion?
That makes you so chaep..if you had to say something, you could have make your own "jukthis" and come up with a better posting!
You are Simply disgusting!

ontora ..
(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

Pagol manush , bolte iccha holo bollam............look hatimshor opps sorry jatimshor already bollo to je se akhta pagol so ...pagol e koto ki i na bole right so sob dhorte hoi na jeej cant stop loughing.....ur killing me man!!!!!toooso funny...thanx god ekjon to achey ekhane with a little bit sence of humour

ontora ..
(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

pagol ops hatishor ke nij gune koma kore dao sobai ..its nice posting indeed ...may be he is also black out brain e kaj korche na ter so need help also i mean hatim shor er
take care dear .u really make my day dear .really so funny posting . nice joke also.

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

Jatmishor it is never late to do something different.

(Wednesday, December 17, 2003)

may be b2k botka contest howa uchith, i am 100% sure Koli will win the contest

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