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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 15, 2003
From: ontora ..
Famous b2k girls (part 1).

Famous b2k girls ...jader ke .. i liked so much .....they are so easy to love simply because they are really so wonderful persons...ofcourse in good sense...atto atto decent atto atto chomotkar sob manush ara...ami onek lucky ..onek bhalo basa n ador peyechi apss gulir kach theke n pichi gulur kach theke respect jane kal ho na ho so ajke keno jeno mone holo let them know how much i feel for them..

Opsora api:
a real opsora ..gosh apunir moto fanmous houya can dreaming only ..atto atto chomotkar caring loving akhjon manush.. love her kidding n love her lots ..n miss u api manush ta ke niye atto kichu likhte iche kroe je kichu likhte parchi na guchiye.

Anurika api:
koto koto moja korechi amra akh sathe .so good friend of mine n api also .worst time pase thaka or kidding whtever it is api simply best.chotmotkar akhjon manus ter jonno sotti proud feel kora jai ..miss her a lot.

atto jhogra kori amra kidding kori abar miss kori atto atto god love her so roomer amar best friend .anu api sari and ami 3 ta je koto moja kortam still mone korteo bhalo lage those days guli.still ai 2 ta amar best pal.n if u need her or any bad time u ve to face or kono prob hole tumi sure thakte paro sarah ll be there for u.

Ima api:
god atto short time kono manush je atto close n loving perosn hoye jete pare ami age kokhono vabteo pari ni ..odvut bhalo akhjon manush.simply can,t stop loving her.

Rini api:
amar khub i fvt akhjon manush .sotti kar bhalo manush akhjon.jei keu proud feel korbe to ve a sis/friend like her so much.miss her a lots.amar kokhono mon ehoi na ai manush ta dure thake amar theke atto atto caring akhjon manush.

Laizu apu:
onek ador payechi ami ai apu ter kache .innocent akhta manush .koto koto din ami er api golpo kortam akhon busy hoye gechi so er ager moto hoi na but still miss those days ..lots of love n wishes for her.

Raima api:
simply akhjon sober n decent manush .khub few ppl er sateh chat kore but atto atto chomotkar akhjon manush.apir sateh golpo korte khub bhalo lage .never told her......... how much i like n feel for her.

Choity/AVA api:
api r moto shoft heart ami kauke dekhini ..onek bhalo akh jon manush .like her much.

Durrah api:akhdom diff akhjon maush .sobkichu i kemon jeno diff apir .onek onek like kortam api ke ami .kono din o bola hoi ni kotha ta .akhon er dkehi na ..api ke .

dusthu :pichi n cute akhta maye ..loving n caring akhjon her also a lot.

arekta pichi sis amar .atto fun korte pare maye ta love her kidding her also.

rudmial :
some how new but room e dhuklei onttoo bole akhta chitkar kore hawa hehehehe.onek bhalo lage sunte chitkar ta .

[continued to part 2]

People Discussion
(Monday, December 15, 2003)

tomar nijer kothata ekbaro likhlena meghla ontor,ebar ami likhi tomake niye ,

tomar oi sundor montake ami hoyto amar oi doridro bhashate olonkrityo korte parbona ,tobuo mukhe bole jaai ,

""tumi b2k er meghla akash ,aar amora tate hawaa,,,

tomar ontore bheshe-bheshe korchi asa jawaa,,,

tomar oi sundor mone prane jogot jeno rupe rupe oporupa hoy,,,,

ashirbadi tobo sundor meye,bishshoke koro joy,,,,,


OLI bhaiya

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

orii my dearest porii you are a great friend and a very special sister to all of us and im sure all the other chatters will agree, i personally am very proud to have such a sis like u in my love... shob shomoi bhalo thako and kewr kotha mone rakbai na....kono lab bai...and kumut bhabir motto bhee bhee korbai na ok hehe love you re orii etto etto you bolle amar bhithore e je feelings gula ache amar shob bon der jonno eita express kora jai na...

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

ontora.. so u told so nicely about all them.. and what about guys?? haha.. kidding.. tumi sobar kotha bolle .. let me tell about u..

what can i say about her?? and angel? a miracle?or a gift of Allah to this world.. may be all together.. when she smile all the world smile. when she fels sad..feels like there is no light .and stars hide from the sky in to the darknes.. dont know why she is so good.. so good. just have no words to describe..words cant describe how good she is.. i just hope where she lives whatever sh do.. always always and always Allah keeps her happy and smiley..


(Monday, December 15, 2003)

well said shawon..dats our ontora shobar mone khushi bhore dei..:d tar jonno amra shob proud and will always be...there for you..never forget that...and there will always be people who will be jealosu of you...the best thing to do is ignore them... LOVE U RE

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

my mistyyyyyyy apuuuuuuuuuuuuu..thank u apssss..u are such a darling...i love u pots and pots!!! misty apu..tumake kintto like kora eto easy u would not belive..emnitei just chat ey prichoy hoye tumake koto like koro..arr face to face meet korle ki je hobe Allah ei jane...!!!! anyway my misty apssss..u are wonderful..and we all love u very very much...!!!

amar lombu jeeee..koto cute u would would not believe...arr amar pichchi apu (anyrika) my god she is also wonderful ..!!! oder ke face face meet korechi..ekhon wait kochi..fiery apu arr mtumar shate dekha korte..insha Allah hobe..very soon..!!! misty apsss tumi tara tari chole asho london ey..!!! i can;'t wait to meet u in person... ...pots and pots of loveeeeee....!!!! big bear hug and smooches

ontora ..
(Monday, December 15, 2003)

om ma god its so longgg.i,m sorry guys.
TSR bhaiya tumi ki amake akhta help korbe plz just if possible then amar posting ter 2 ta part kore debe plzz.i mean half cut kore other akhta posting hisabe show kora ..u know wht i mean ..
poor me .
sorry once again ami nije long posting porte pari na nije i same kore bose achi ...

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

Tomar Apider kotha to janlam now Bhaiyder pala.Right?? kintu sis tumi je cuty, goody and pretty sis seta ki jano???

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

Kundin je dakbo akta subject : Famous B2K Boys ..... Maje maje mone hoi ami ii dea dai .. But Jotojoner shate porichoi hoeache Bashir Vag ii Girls .. For example .. Anurika (murgi), Koli (bengai), -cuty-sis- (double bamper), Ashaa (alur bosta), Raima, Nishaat, Dipali, Sarah, Opi, Dustu, Ava (lava), Shormy,Tamanna, Shumi arooo kotoo.. R boys chatters matro hate guna koakjon .. But Still Amora korte parbo .. Ki bolo Boys Chatters .. Tumora sobai agieaa choloo Ami achi sobar pichee .. I dont missed anybody .. Bez I comes everyday 4 chit ..

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

rahol tumi tho picchi er jonno shobar picche o takbeJAU FEEDER GIYE KAUImage Code: 05-035

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

Hmm Kuubb valo legeche feeder ta keaa ..Image Code: 03-017
Kintu pet vhore nai .. Image Code: 03-023 Aroo kaboo .. Tara tari daw .. Ammmuuuuuuuuu Image Code: 03-023 Feeder Kaboooo .. Cuty Feeder dai naaa .. Image Code: 03-023

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

khuboi obak ontora apu.......amake to temon kew cheneinah..ami aber famous b2k girls er moddhe kemne aslam

nway thanx a lot to mention me.... my dear ontora apuuuuuu u r so chuit

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

ke shundor lekse onti shundore...r subai o ke shundor reply deshee....ape i dont have the words to explain the way i feel abt ya..r ame sajaye guchaye kothao bolte pare just gonna sa one line..tume tulonahen....tumar tulona srif tume nejey

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

hehehe ekhon keno jeno mon porche ekta gaan er lyrics " you are my miracle ..ure all i need..!" are everything i cant describe in loving..caring..sensitive..sensibile!..understanding..cute..sweet..[m running out of words] are a person so full of love that makes others love u automatically ..its like an instant thing..thats one gift from have it in you..cherish u alottt toooo alont with my fav apssss disco bibi ...razpuuu n u 'BUDDHI'S' alottttttttt!!

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

BB the Dhukthe pari ni last two days...Akhon Bhujchiii ki miss korechiii...
Ontuuuuu, My dear Piccchiii Puuu, I am just speechless reading all these about me...For real, I could never think in my dream that people can love me like this just from the virtual world...I am really honored and lucky to know such a person like you who is so sweet and innocent and just as famous(?) as me...Love you loadsss Piccchuu and can't wait to see you..and let me tell you one thing, the day I see you, I will hug you like forever for loving me so much!!!

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

chintha korchii ami-o fantushh r motho sobai k Pu dakthe suru korbo, hell its lot easy to say....
Love u loadsss too Sarapuuuuuu, Razpuuuuu, Imapuuuuuu and picccipuuuuuu

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