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Saturday, December 16, 2017 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 15, 2003
From: shawon007
will u cry for me..

will u cry for me
when the sky falls down
will u hold my hand
just before i am drown

will u hug me tight
when i am trembling in cold
will u give me love
just to make me bold

will u fight with me
when the darkness fall
will u stand by me
when i will give u a call

will u give me light
when i am lost in vain
will u heal my heart
when i am dying for pain

will u love me hard
just as much i do
then just call my name
i am waiting right here
...only for you


People Discussion
(Monday, December 15, 2003)

tumake na bolse emon immotional heart breaking poem na lekte .. happy fast untouchable poem lekho

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

shawon...simply joss!

(vuya na bolte parar jonno dukhito )

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

shawanke ghiriya koto moyuri je nache,,,,

swaoner prane keno megh jome ache,,,,

bhalobasibare daaw ,tare ektu kadite daaw,,,,

osrujoler borishon priya ,duhate tule naaw,,,,

tomaar tore kadiche shawon, jhoriya durer bone,,,,

keno tumi tare dilena staan,tomar i pashani mone,,,,

ontora ..
(Monday, December 15, 2003)

atto atto sundor kobita ta shawon. .but akhta kaj koroto akhta mon bhalo kora type kobita likhoto akhbar.tomar joto guli kobita amake porte diyecho all r kinda same type tai na i mean porle mon kharap hoye jai ..though bhalo lage thats for sure .whtever monkharap or bhalo .keep it up .take care .

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

rini. kikorbo bolo. amimanush tai je baje.. tai baje baje kobita likhi.

shormy.thanks frind for liking this poe,

oli,thanks freind.. ur poem is too great than mine.. thanks again

ontora.. i dont know freind.. will try to write happy poem.. dont know if i can or not..valo theki


(Monday, December 15, 2003)

bhayyaabar arekta depressing poem-ki jeh bolchilam tumare-mone ache?I also agree with rini aps and ontora

(Monday, December 15, 2003)

hmmm good..keep it up.thanks

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

Really brO, No one cry for me........

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)


umhuuu...vebo na koli comment kore na...means koli kobita like kore na pore na....

ami sob posting i pori...kintu beshi comment kori na.....
dekho na comment korlei jhogra suru hoye jai.
coz ami r sobar moto hawa/pump/tell dei na.....ami just kichu valo lagle ta lagleo boli...
kintu tomar kobita sundor hoyechey

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

cuty .kisu korar nei.. ami sobsomoy depressed tai emon hoi..
swamjee thanks friend..very much..

cross.tai naki bro> ami vabtam ami ekta..:(

koli,thanks very much for liking this poem.. tell me anything.. if it is good or bad.. anything u can tell me.. i will be glad.. it wont be prob.. thanks again freind:)


(Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

shawon bro,
poem ta print kore bashai niye gelam.
excellent poem bro, keep it up ....

(Wednesday, December 17, 2003)

very nice poem shawon

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