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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, December 11, 2003
From: mars
Sb' Dinner n Meetin wid Rudmila

Well 2day (December 11, 2003) Sb da most Sweetiest Boy eva available in da history of b2k treated me n rudmila ( a Goddess of Beauty) 2 dinner!!! It was a gr8 moment 4 all of us....especially it was ratha an honor 4 me 2 meet Sb. He treated us at Red Onions....n da food was delicious...n we took several snapshots ofcourse by my camera (Oh God! I hope it works dis time) n at da end after sum chattin we departed!!!

Well da bottomline is dat...itz alwayz nice 2 b treated by sum1 sooo good (SB)n meet sum1 sooo cute (Rudmila)!!!

Sb dude......I owe u a next time we meet u will get a gift from me inshallah!!!

Thx a lot 4 da dinner again bro!!!


People Discussion
(Thursday, December 11, 2003)

Read dis 1 every 1 4 get abt da previous postin!!!


(Thursday, December 11, 2003)

Bro...Khub to khele ekhon bolo amake when's ur bday? I want a treat this summer...obosshoi tomar theke..naile...Image Code: 01-011

(Thursday, December 11, 2003)

Well Gem sis....amar birthday jokhon ashbe........u wont b here.....but summer will b pretty much late...also... bacha gelo kono taka paisa khoroch korte hobe na

Amar birthday is actually on January 19, 2004.

But I guess u will still b in Canada sis!!!


(Friday, December 12, 2003)

mars want the as soon as u develop them can u plz mail them to me..10qq...!!!

(Friday, December 12, 2003)

Sure Ima.....I definitely will.....dont worry u will c Sb da birthday boy's pic!!!


(Friday, December 12, 2003)

a Goddess of Beauty .......shouldnt lie marsiii .......whatever...thanx.....n thanx ma sweet sb bhaiaaa for da dinner

(Friday, December 12, 2003)

No probz bro
Ek summer e jibon jae na
(Thik jemon ek maagh e sheet jae na
So tomar to aro bday amaro ashbe...ebong aro onek onek summer ashbe... Ar kichu ki bolte hobe?

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