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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 08, 2003
From: dark_angel
CHARACTER (for all my b2k sisters)

Ima apu ke ami 1st thanx janai to give me the url...and i went to visit the site and found another realistic poem by Taslima Nasreen...which i thought would give courage to all my b2k this poem is dedicated to u all sisters..

You're a girl
and you'd better not forget
that when you cross the threshold of your house
men will look askance at you.

When you keep on walking down the lane
men will follow you and whistle.

When you cross the lane and step onto the main road
men will revile you, call you a loose woman.

If you've no character
you'll turn back,
and if you have
you'll keep on going
as you're going now.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

r kichu na thakuk, du ta line a -crOss- name ta ache...Image Code: 09-019

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

nice..thanks dark_angel sis..

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

aschey arekjon tell marte.

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

Nice poem...but nijer onek kichu kintu nijer responsiblity, nijer upore depend kore jeta keu chailei paltate pare na.
When one is "cross"ing a road (cross bro abar apni elen er moddhe )
and if someone tries to revile that person...and call her a loose woman...they cant always succeed because she is the one who'z wearin the vile ar onno keu chailei sheta tulte parbe nah!

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

Kothaoamihariyejabo mone hoche ei kobita tar shathe agree korte parche na...but that's alright.
Amiyo purapuri agree korchi na...but i agree with the last part.
Oneke onek kichu bolbei...but that doesnt mean u shud stop believin in things that u believe or do things that u believe are right.

"If you've no character
you'll turn back,
and if you have
you'll keep on going
as you're going now."

(Wednesday, December 10, 2003)

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)
aschey arekjon tell marte

ya tel marte chai...but mara hocche na.... ..lemme try it on u......hehehe......

last kota line to khubi bhoi pabe she agabe paben agai take keu stop korte parbean...that person will always win

(Wednesday, December 10, 2003)

vile-veil (banglae ghomta bole i think )
And yes...shesher kotha shobar khetrei projojjo...very true darky.

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