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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, December 07, 2003
From: -Gemini-
Re: Khola chithi

I wanted to write somthin on your postin fritsyy...but likha chapa holo na.'s what i wanted to say to you...

Je chole geche take niye boshe thakle...Dark_angel ja bollo..tai Ontora ja bollo...if you love someone..let him/her go..and if they come back..then are's very true fritsyy...
Jibon hoche bohota nodi...akre na dhore..try to go with the'll flow a lot easily...
Ar dont commit the same mistake again...just try to learn from your mistakes...
And embrace every experience with a smile and as another lesson learned!

Arekta kotha....Never ever change yourself for anyone!
Don't! If the person is worth it they'll appreciate you just the way you are..shob kichu, bhalo kharap miliyey they'll embrace you.

People Discussion
(Sunday, December 07, 2003)

then they are yours*

(Monday, December 08, 2003)

hey gemini
tumi eto sundar sundar kotha kivabe likho??mane...ami to koto chesta kore o emon sundar likhte parina..jate kore kauke santona deya jai.tobe amar mone hoi jeebon ke sohoj vabe neya uchit sokoler.ete khub vabe jeebon upolodhdhi kora bolo????valoo theko

(Monday, December 08, 2003)

khub valoo vabe

(Monday, December 08, 2003)

haha je bolen...
Thank you though

Jeshob obhiggota orjon korechi so far..sheshob bhebei likhlam ar ki!
Ar haa...jibon ta halka bhabe nile onek kichuy halka hoye jae..

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

....kintu jibon ta to halka noy !!!

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

Jibon ta halka noy...kintu kichu kichu jinish bhari holeo halka bhebe nite tate onek kichuy halka mone hoye jae...even in reality they are not dear Sb.

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

even if in reality*
Dhurr etttoo ettoo bhul hoy keno likhte gele???

(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)


(Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

true.... u shud never change for anyone....

But sometimes u change for urself...

and if sometimes few minor changes r for betterment, may be those are worth it.

well then again.. its my personal opinion.

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