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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, December 05, 2003
From: nod-
jaante chai(from all of you !!)

hi all.
accha !!!bhalobasha tikiye rakhaar jonno ja dorkaar ta holo:
1.understanding esob chara aro kichu ki ache ja khuub important?? let me know pals
lots of luv & wishes 4 all of you & also for you bok bokani konna :P

People Discussion
(Friday, December 05, 2003)

another very important element in love should be friendship..this defines the easness each person will feel towards they do with their friends..if trust is the pillar of a relationship then friendships are the bricks building it up ..when you are in a friendship you want to share ..n just be ureself..a good strong relationship is one that shares a strong friendship also.

(Friday, December 05, 2003)

Compromising: onek shomoi dekha jai relationship to hoye jai but compromising hoche for that reason ppl should realise at a early stage if their basis and grounds are the same...if they are willing to be any cost...if they are willing to accept echother for who they are ...bcos love in the beginning seems like a bliss ones the hard true facts of life are out ..then the truth seems to be hampering the relationship..anyways ei shob amar opinion...keo mante pare na o mante pare i dont even know why i m saying it ..guess saying it just for the sake of saying

(Friday, December 05, 2003)

valoobasha tikiye rakhar jonna ekta matra upai achhe,aar taha holo bishshash.duijon duijonke bishshash korte hoibe mone pran a.etotukun sondeh o thakte parbe na.aar jodi ekbar sondeho dhuk a tahole bishshash nosto hoye jai.tai amar mote bishshash e hochhe sobcheye boro setubondhan.thanks

(Saturday, December 06, 2003)


(Saturday, December 06, 2003)

well said princess 100 % correct. peyar dosti hain ...agar vo mere sabse achi dost nehi ban sakti usse kabhi peyar hoi nehi is friendship

(Saturday, December 06, 2003)

shobai to shob bolei fello

(Saturday, December 06, 2003)

bhalobasha tikiye rakha'r jonno shob cheye Important holo bhalobasha'r manush ti chokh-er shamne thaka. noile........

(Saturday, December 06, 2003)

bhalobasa ki tai jani na......hmmmoneker bhalobasa peyechi..ja amake vabte badho korechey onek bar...jemon abbu/ammu r bhai bon der bhalobasa.....
priyo kichu manuser bhalobasa
tarporo arekjoner bhalobasa pete icha kore....
jedin bhalobasbo...sedin apnake bolte kore holo...its formula:P

(Saturday, December 06, 2003)

ami ekhon porjonto bhalobasha pai ami kisu bolte parbo na ..tobe ja faith khub dorkar...aar oije sarah bollo basic ground ta same kina...shetar shonge i agree

(Monday, December 08, 2003)

Tak POisar Kotha dekhi KEu Ullekh e korlo nah??? Aei sob piccchi gula ki soner rajjay bash kore niii??

(Monday, December 08, 2003)

Ghorar Dim

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