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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2003
From: WraTh

well..OLD DAYZ....hmm..why im writing this? donno..but still may be for no reason gonna write this one..
....after a looong time loged bak to b2k...(thX to shaikat bhaia..b2k ALIVE again)........90%new nicks...feeling kinda newcomer maself..kinda stranger in ma own room...cant deny it certainly made me happy to c new kiddos in the room...but donno why it reminded me those old days.....those days when used to be in the rooomm all the while...with all of my BHAIs..n sises...all those FIGHTS..n funsss..................n now most of them r gone..(including me..maself)...missing ..boc..those ol'circles....cant come to b2k like the ol times cuz of many reasons..but alwayz in luv with ya b2k.....luv n respect to seniors(konka apu,,dadu..shaikat bhai..shybal bhai...dip bhai..fasi bhai..shiftaapu...OLi bhai..) juniors..n bros..u all do know who u r.......thx b2k..for everything..certainly do pray to THEE.."plz allow me to keep pace with b2k."

People Discussion
(Thursday, November 27, 2003)


(Thursday, November 27, 2003)

abar notun pekhom pore fire eso purono praner pakhi,,,,,

tomari protikhkhay chilem ,fire eso priyo naam dhore daki daki,,,

osrusojol hoye konthyo joriye bhai bole thakbo,,,,

purono diner moto cholte pothe hate haat dhore rakhbo,,,,

(Thursday, November 27, 2003)

bhaiaaaaaaaa dosh korlam??..."we" are not being missed...??!! ...anyways ..bhaia one things for sure..ure one of the living legends in the even if u feel that the era has changed...youre nick will forever be a "fairytale" for the newcomers...your "wrath" will be felt by all hehehe u loads bhaia ...take care!!

(Thursday, November 27, 2003)

No wonder de all say 'Good ol'dayz'!!!

Dude stay as wht u r n trust me u will b minglin abt da newcumers!!!


(Friday, November 28, 2003)

Wrathu da..
Ami Akhono Achi...
Harai Ni....
Onek din por posting dile..
Aso kemon...?

(Saturday, November 29, 2003)

Bhaiya..tomar ei posting ta porte giye onek kichuy mone pore gelo...
Specially mone porlo amader first meeting tar kotha...
ar er porer aro onek meeting er kotha...
Aaj oshob just sriti hoye geche...
Tumi ekhon kotto amiyo ekhon kotto dure chole eshechi..
Ar shei b2k teo koto ta palte geche...
Love ya bhaiya..
you are my forever bhaiya..don't u ever forget that

(Monday, December 01, 2003)

Speedy bhaia b2k has changed changed a lot.......miss the good old days miss the good old chatters misss the love the fights the nonsense.....
Love u and miss u

ontora ..
(Wednesday, December 03, 2003)

love u and miss u speedy bhaiya.take care bhaiyaaaaaaaaa.

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