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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 20, 2003
From: ArospO
(Quote)...Sotti Ki??

"Bertho prem bole kono kotha kokhono ache ba chilo bole ami bishsas kori na. Prem, se jar prem-i huk, se jodi sottikarer prem hoy tha kokhono-e bertho hoy nah. Premer somostho sarthokotha premaspod-k paowar modhay somitho noy. Take paowa jethe pare, nao jethe pare. Premer sob cheye boro gourob prem-e. Manusher jibone r kono onuvuthi-e take amon ek aththik unnothir choukathe ane dar koray nah. Je bhalobase se nijer ojanithe kokhon j nijer moner aatsat gorib kathamor cheye onek boro hoye jay, se nijeo tha bhujthe pare nah. Onno kono onuvuthi-e take amon kore mohoth, udar o unnotho kore nah. Bhalo j base, se bhalobese-i krithartho hoy ; jake bhalobase tar kriponotha ba udarothar upor tar bhalobashar sarthokotha kokhono nirvorsheel hoy nah."

People Discussion
(Thursday, November 20, 2003)

hey opsora...
nice posting.khati kotha.jodi o aajkal real love bolte ja bujai seta paowa duskar.tarpor o ami bolbo,,,,,aai prithibi jotodin achhe valoobasha o totodin thakbe.jodi keu premer khetre sofolota ba barthota diye premer conclusion dar korai,seta bodh hoi songkirnotar porjai pore.valoo theko.

(Thursday, November 20, 2003)

Oh but this quote tries to judge love's success without defining what love is! That is indeed a problem. Assuming that its talking about conventional romantic love (platonic or relationship or other types) I wud say its very much upto the individual. Some ppl are contend with just a long distanc communication, while some others are not satisfied even after enjoying every physical, social and psychological intimacy with his/her love. Yet some are contend just by keeping it to themselves and never riskign the chance to confront mutual understanding. So its really upto what the individual's outlook is about love and its extent. In the end, its basically some ppl are just more romantic than others. As long as it works out for him/her that cud be looked at as success. Generally though ppl wud like to feel and touch and be with the person they love.


(Thursday, November 20, 2003)


(Thursday, November 20, 2003)

Koi. no mars bro?

(Thursday, November 20, 2003)

valo bolecho opsora

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Hmmm I am agree and the quote is very true senorita. tomar ai posting ekti purono posting mone korie dilo jekhane dreamer nam er keu jante cheyechilo bhalobashar sharthokota. Amar reply ta chilo ai rokom>>>>>>

aryan (Thursday, May 15, 2003) "bhalobashar sharthokota ki milone pa
pawar majhe?" if you mean by getting each other or successful views goes follow. Shothikarer bhalobashar sharthokotha
bhalobashathe-e r tha milon ba biched ke porowa
should be unconditional....kauke bhalobashle ta-k nijer kore pabar
maje anondo ache bote ...thobe thar chai te bhalobashar sharthokothar
bisle-ssion onek govir-e. Bhalobeshe kauke pele ..milon hoe gelai ki
bhalobasha sharthok?? Ami moni kori na...karon shekanai shesh
noi.....r na pelai ki bhalo basha bertho ami thao moni kori
na...bhalobashar sharthokotha shudhu bhalo bashathe and ethe kono
shorto ba shartho thake na porom shukh-e r dukh-e ek modhur shontusti
pawa jai.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thik temni premer kehtreo.. shotti kar premer sharthokota shudhu premer maje-e ontornihito roeche....ja chawa , pawar, shartho , shorter r onek onek urdhe.....

Nice posting indeed Senorita

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Wow All....Thx for sharing your feelings towards the quote that I have posted.
Thx all

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

When I was reading above lines, it took so much attention of mine. Kept on thinking, is it true or it isn't...I have a very strange feelings about this above quote. Maybe I am totally wrong on this. But, I think satisfaction often depends on time and the person itself.

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Lets say, I fall in love with someone and the other loves me with all his heart too. I don't think at that point I could think I can live my life without him and my world can revolve around someone else. Willing to do or take any step for that love of my life not knowing how long would this realtionship last ( well, for that momment its "our love is forever"). At that time, that realtionship that person becomes everything for you and you don't want to loose him for any cost. If you can't have him for rest of your life, your life means nothing to you. You want to hold on to this man of your life cause you love him and don't wanna let him go and make your love story an "unsuccessful" one.

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Then one day, u loose that person. What happens next? you forget that person for all your life cause he/she didn't make you happy? he/she wasn't the one made for you? If there is something called "love" and you had it for that person, its rare you can destroy his memory from your mind. Yes, you would be living your life and somewhere somehow,the memories would come up and and that point of time, all you would think that I still love him and I will for rest of my life. maybe then we will realize that love could be only successful when we don't have that person in our life!

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

I know I am so confusing and by now you are al confused! maybe I understand this better than typing all these to you. Its really tuff to try to explain such a complicated feelings called "love".
Truly people I thank you and I think you said it very well and I would like to say one thing to all of you,
"If ever any of you find and feel a REAL LOVE, don't let it go, cause its very hard to find and feel. No matter what your moral is towards Love, but try to hold on to the one that Loves you for real."
Thanks All

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Love does have a tremendous power and is indeed a good example of special relativty, at least psychologically (i.e. there is no universal time). What I mean is some experience in love are so powerful that the length of the relationship can become inconsequential because the experience lives on the memory for a lifetime.

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Case in point, the other day my love was in a rush and had to get a take-out for lunch. She is sitting in my car, eating quickly some spicy thai food(meeting at 1). And I am looking and thinking this is whats defined as God's grace. I was fasting but watching her eat was like so contending, as if its fulfilling my own appetite that I wondered if my fast broken without actually even eating anything. You know like how mom's tell their little kids "tumi khelei amar khaoa hoy sonamoni." I felt like that. Its simple things like that which gets etched in the memory that can make the whole definition of "sucess" in a relaitonship turn on its head.


(Friday, November 21, 2003)

Opsi di, tomar posting ar sathe purota agree hote parchi na, coZ, sharthokota bolte, shofolota bishoi tai ashe, r shofolota to paoyai, tai na.? naki Diba-shopne..?
So, ata debate korle bishal akare hoye jabe, so kichu ta di-mot ache amar akhane..
thankS Opsi di..
take care
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(Monday, November 24, 2003)

kothata shotto.....but tobuo bertho hole kemon jani lage.......esp if u loose the persons u love and u see all people u know are all happy with their loved ones and u have nothing..lolz

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