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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, July 09, 2001
From: Rony Salman
Amrai e numer1, who are really to blame!!

It is true that the corruption is not only in the high officials, they are spread in all levels and sectors in the most nasty and dirty state of morality than ever!! I myself had some bad experiences and so did all the people who happened to deal with any kind of official job. My purpose of this mail is not to stuff it with my scornful experiences, I am here to make my point to the fact that it is those high officials who are solely to blame 100% for such miserable plight pervading in the government offices. With the poverty and the consequent frustration prevailing around in the middle and low class societies, one just cannot expect that one fine morning, all the commoners would be stricken with the lashing of morality, turn to a good person and stop indulging in corruption. It has to be the system, which is to be made strict and accountable against any flaws/corruption! The accountability will stir up fear of the possibilities of penalty or even loosing the job and that only can uproot corruption! Now, the privileged Bureaucrats and Political leaders are the ones who can create and implement this system. But they won’t do that! They would let the commoners take thousands illegally so that they can heap up Crores and even more!! I believe, if the so called bureaucrats, political leaders and the police department could change for the better and join together to implement a corrupt-less system, we would have seen a much nicer and prospering Bangladesh which seems to be a far cry right at this moment!! It seems simply impossible to even think that those three sectors will ever turn good!

People Discussion
(Monday, July 09, 2001)

I don't want to comment on police and bureaucrats, but I am sure, the politicians are the one to blame!!!

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