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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2003
From: keui-noy
````!!!!```` Story bout aaaaa wonder boooooy...............````!!!!````

wonder wonder where would I start bout dat stubborn guy. lets skip his 1st year(gotta tell uu dat he used to jump over everyone's laps, even though a beggar n start bitin' their ears) 2nd year 3rd year 4th year -------8th year(can see how he pushed his teacher in the pond while dat teacher was doin' his "ozu") skip 9th year skip 10th(he got chase by a cow nn stopped goin' to the gorur-hut 11th/12th/13th/14th, he was fuken unstopable n started fled from scool nn hangin' outside age of 15th.....he caught out right handed to his parents(specially the times he was passin' through his chotti n other story books nnn parents were playin' a game (un-noticely)to tore those books nnn then came the school final year.......

steppin' outside of school, he got raped(though itz sounds like unusal but true) nnn lost faith/love/care of girls but he never hatred nnnnn then time was passin' by ---------------(he used to avoid all of those sluts but never insulted in public)nnn yeah he cried inside wht had he let go on byond nn still fear of dat rainy day....hence wonder boy lost his respect to woman nn couldn't hesitate to curse nn ask a girl to get naked easily to see their inside bleeds!!!!!!!!

yeah u could ask "how nn why it happened?" prob uuu all know a phrase in bengoli "nishiddo jinish-er proti human-der akarshon thuke beshi"(such as chotti pora/porno films dekha) rrr hoito was eagered to know wht it's nnn dat wonder boy was curious to know the hidden mystery. neway fuken wonder boy was silent cried inside n couldn't feel how/wht she was drivin' nnnnnnnn he entrustin' to see the forbidden things..........nnnnnn times passed by ----------(btw, this wonder boy bein' called a stubborn nnnnn obstinate boy to his family/relatives nnnn amon' others)

(had passed his 17th 18th 19th 20st 21st.........he enrolled in the East-West campus nnnnn got in touch of so many friends who they rrrrr good n the worst nnnnn a girl named "urmi" became closer nnnn she took dat wonder boy in her tiny heart....unfortunatelly he didn't know when n how dat happened but it happened n usually she got ditch!!!!!!! btw, urmi's the daughter of wonder boy's abbu's partner nnn she's the one who made an accident at Brisbane nn had to go to give her company nnn then still hangin' n urmi believes her so called one sided love would come back n comlplete her thirst)

then a b c d e f g h i j k l to zzzzzzzzzzz came over to touch/melt dat fuken wonder boy's shitty heart nn he used to avoid avoid n never felt in touch n start doin' someother things to compell his times nn frequently visitin' his abbu's office(he got shot by dat time nn went out to under surgery twice by today nn don feel to listed...yeah yeah he got shoot 'caz he feels himself Jesus) sometimes his abbu waked him up from abroad to be in the office nn sometimes helped him out to wear the right dress n bla bla....neway none of these rrr the part story which 'm goin' to deliver nnn then start accessin' the net nn built his own attitude which none cant ever touch nnnn get close to so many gls who they were confused bout dat wonder boy nn start thinkin' "this wonder boy's mine n he loves my stink cunt" but dat aint true.........

time was passin' by nnnn wonder boy earned too much hatred from cyber world(as well so called love/care) nnn sometimes chatterz were confused through his attitude nnn moreable he became a mysterious guy. told you, wonder boy tried to stay away from so called love but girls nn sometimes he heard too many craps from those girls so called bf's(admires) nnn sometimes those pervert couldn't hesitate to brin' out family staffs(though dat wonder boy always said, where he's from/wht does he n his parents do n bla bla nnn all the things happened for his big mouth)

somehow, here comes the wonder boy's biggest tragedy n he found himself lost in someone(a quite later, wonder boy get close to someother girl where he found some attract through her unbelieveable personality!!!!! though he knew no no he didn't know wht he been passin' through(same times in 2 girls) nn lost himself in deep shit where he had/has the first gl whom she desired from the bottom, she who gave his all strength to faces the love('m not gonna call "so called love") instead off disrespect nnn hatred to girls!!!!!!!!neway nnn in another hand he found another gal(2nd) she who came as a wind n blew him up nnnn wonder boy was spendin' all of his efforts to 2 girls nn threw himself in a "destruction"........btw the 2nd girl came as wind nnn passed away with some unknownable truth ----------- wht whtttt wht) yeah fuken wonder boy wouldn't hesitate to call himself "a pig"(know, all the femenisist nnnn pretendin' perverts would say, all men rrr worthless pig)..........

lets here bout dat wonder boy's the passoinate love story nnn here it goes -------a boy, youn' never in love nnn sees(feel) a girl stayed in her late teens. knew unspoken love is like a poison nn ifff keep it to ownself for a long time.......'ll consume from the inside. so he express out nn felt in love(deep love)nnn she had/has a past(though it never touched him n wont ever) he loved every little move she made every little word she said nnnhe was as vulnerable as a homeless bird. he loved her wanted to be with her even after he knew bout her condition even he promised to give every little joy life can hold(only to his love.......he gave her unconditional love!!!!! na na vhul with condition n seta holo bacchar ammu howaa) nnn her love got him so high her love was/is the answer offf so amny things nnn morever her love's dawlin'

ohhhhhhh!!!!!!the time bein' the time bein', wonder boy had seen a flame in her eyes nn knew she loved him rrrr tai he asked her to hold stron'(as caz he could see in her deep eyes dat she has somethin' to tell such as "catch me iffff I ever fall nn never leave, just come inside of me") since then the wonder boy hold her in embrance nn felt on his lonely stretch no matter how far he resides nn said "we can turn only into us nnn wont ever be too far away to feel ya n wont hesitate at all whenever ya call.......nnn 'll remember the part of ya so tender to catch urrr fall".............

wonder boy asked if I got down on my knees to be with yaaa would ever let me down? his heart used to bleed when she was in pain but she never realized the love only understood her own pain what she suffered nnn how it was incomparable with anythin' n wanted to make his suffer with the hunger of soul, inflicted different.....sorts of fuken pain!!!!!! he was like a baby, never wanted anythin' from her......only gave gave gave nnnn she never recognized what she received(na she bujtoooooo)......

used to see her as, the first goal he has ever sought she means the life to him(a sea offfff dream)she means the cloud dat bears the rain she's his mischief she's wonder boy's worship she's the shadow nn his guidin' star to touch/reach the paradise she meant past present(mean everythin' nnn always 've a prayer in mind "may uuu never be a stranger to me")

bastard wonder boy could stay awake just to hear she breathin' watch her smile while she's sleepin' nn could spend himself in this sweet surrender nnnn the time bein' bastard wouldn't care ifffff they spend the night at some mension, even he won't care ifff he spend the night in the town..........all he wants is spend the night together nn all he wants too spend the nights in her arms!!!!!!!

they used to walk together long walks through parks/lake nnnn when she was sad he started sinkin' in his ocean of pain. every single night she used to say to him, yaaaaa know the road in front of my house is lookin' so peaceful nnnn I can see the mist gatherin' on the lake nnn the shadowy trees(could see the kathbiralis playin' all over the yard n trees) standin' lonely. it's so quite now nnn 'm feelin' cold!!!!! come nnn hug me tight/blow me a kiss from urrrrrrr window nnnn seattle down on my eyelids so I can go deeper n more deeper......................

hence wonderrr boy just wanted to lay next to picchi bouigh nnn a lot of ppl misundestand dat's caz they don know him at all nnnnnn all he wants to touch hold her rr each time the wind blows, hear herrrr voice nn call out herr name whispers. even though he asked, "when mornin' awakes me 'll uu come nnnn take me? caz 'll be waitin' for uu" he said dat I can't stop lovin' uu stop lovin' uuu nn ifffff I stop, uuuuuu gotta tell wht would I do?

nnnnn that fuken wonder bastard boy always wondered wow!!!!!!!ittt's a dream what is love.. is this called love???? why I feel like to die in her arms nnnnn feels like to leave my soul to her hand forever. onn the other hand, that boy wanted to give so much passion for that girl who has his heart nnnnn receive so much that it's most probably inhuman. his every passionate word makes her want to cover him up like vine nnn leaves nn stron' but beautiful/protective. that boy used to wanna see the whole night 'll smile with twinklin' stars whereeee noshto chela n pocha meye(wonder boy called himself a noshto chele nn the odrissho girl he loves pocha meye) 'll vanish into the unknown where peace takes over the pains. the gentle waves 'll sing to us nnnnn how 'll I ever live without yaaaaa..........hmmmmmmmm???

however he wished, she was here with he could put her arms around him nn felt the more they r apart, the more he wants to be with her nn yet he couldn't know how to express but only ifff she knew "he can't wait to touch can't wait to look inside of her eyes can't wait to burn himself inside her nnn can't wait to whisperin' --------- nnnn "there(---------) they would be sorrounded with blue sky" rrr bolto "tomake dekhle-o shukh, tomake na dekhle-o shukh rrr tomake sabcheye beshi dekhi jokhon tomake dekhina/tomake vabhle-o shukh, tomake na vabhle-o shukh rrrr sei tomake sabcheye beshi vabhi, jokhon tomake kuche painaa"..............

frequently the wonder boy whispered to her nnnnnnn ------------ "when I 'm all aloneeeeee at night all ever I think bout yaa all ever dream bout caz I wanna be with ya more than ya 'll everrrrrrrrr know nnnnnnn for a taste of the object of my desire caz ya blow my mind rrrrrrr light my fire!!!!!! sooo I want ya need yaaaaaaaaa next to me nn its gettin' stronger day by day nnnnn all the things ya do dats brin' out the lust in me nnnnnnn the thought of me n ya drives me wild nnn askin' come close to me come close tooooo meeeeee"

one day that boyyy hurt himself so badlyyyy nnnnn didn't even feel the pain 'caz he loved her nnnn it was unbelievable to him. then there was a deeper cut on the right he didn't make a sound or move his eyes away from her eyesssss. blood droppin' down his forehead nnn gave her a kiss on picchi bouigh's forehead nnn whispered "love yaaaa, picchi bouigh". he loved her(the love that made him bleed outside nnnnn inside).. she gave him eternal pain though she got herself, indeed. every night he cried for the last --- dayss nn still cryin' nnnn cant forget her nnn ever won't(however its increasin' day by day). every single speech that she said, he remembered.....nnn he's able to say that I don't wanna let yaa go nnn 'm stand on urrrrr way(neither he would fled himself) just 'caz wonder boy believes he never lose in lovin' never loose it in holdin' back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

every day wonder boy wakes up by tarrin' the mornin' light nnnn hopin' pocha meye's knockin' the door grabbin' a bunch of flowers nn feel next to himmmmmm!!!!!!!! suddenly he jumped up nnnnn smashed back like a jet.......ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! it was a no no itttt wasn't dream rrrr tai bolto "ami-o path-er moto hariye jabo ami-o nodir moto fire ashbo na kunodin ami-o diner moto furiye jabo, ashbo na fire kunodinn"

ittttt might be complete opposite. justtt give him the warmth of her feelings nnnn crazy thoughts(waited for her nn asked to catch his breathe n wanted to knew how lon' 'll he tread on this fire with his
obsession? indeed the wonder boy wanted to know, "has she ever occurred to her dat even in death he seek off her?")nnnnnn shadows in the mirror to tell me who it is? let him know his fortune orrrrrr misfortune. 'caz he is slowly poisonin' himself with pessimism, pocha meye..................

kintu -------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

Wow what a relief from B2k>>.
Ata tumi ki korle dusto Dear?>>.
Sobai k bole dile tomar nijosso apon darapat?>>.
Ame tomar sompurno golpo porini Pore abar reply debo>>.
Tomar satch sahoser jonno gorbito Dear>>.
Danno holam jena tumi grina koroni Maa jati k and tomar manoby toma k sorgio balobasha upohar diase>>.
Ar prarthona kori korunamoy tomar mongol korun>>.
Toma k amora miss kori dusto chale>>.

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

Ouch are you going to publish a book?.it is so long yaar.good story and a markable prediction.HiGh fIvE FriENd .

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

wonder chaiiiii....stupid

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

wat a good review this is ?
glad to read & know a lot about you.
really good 2 see this kinda heart touchy reviews down here.
very touchy story onek lomba...seshi hocchilo na.
shybal you alraedy know you are difference than others & we love you that way & i am honoured to read all of circumstance.

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

You Were Such A Sweet Adorable Naughty Kid We All Have Some Past And It Is Not Necessity To Let Others Know Our Bleed. Are You Trying To Be A Super Human?
One Day You Used So Many Bad Words To Me And So Am I. Now I Apologise Myself I Did Not Know Know What You Carry Inside For A Girl And As A Girl I Feel Ashame. You Were Guilty Too, Did You Not?
Thanks Again Dear To See Your Courage And Honesty And Wish A Peacefull Life For Your Loving Future Along With Your Beloved Person

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

We Poor Human Being Do Such Wrong Step In Our Life And You Were One Of Them And The Success Is Reallity Which You Realize I Read It Several Times And I was Forbid To Comment On Your Posting By One Of My friend. Sorry To Butt In Wonder Boy

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

bangla2000 er dagi chatter dorsito hoisilo?sobai koi tumar naki kukur ase tohon koi silo kukur ta?nahi akam korte balai lagsilo satan bodmais?
.....onok hoise aibar bangla2000 oite cole gao or nijar somadi kchog koronoton name dorsito shybal

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

hi hi hi hi hi B2K te ki akhon jhor utbe pagla batas boibe ai paglamy story er zonno?
amora jani tomar badorni ke nia post onak sundor and abar o tai koreso sudu boloni kon 2 ta mayeder balobasle?tara ki cyber world er naki real life er?

<amar mone hoy sobai akon prosno korbe maye 2 tar naam and ke tomar poca maye.age amra babtam poca maye tomar kolponar sristy>

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

tomar sahosikotar sadubad janai bondu ar mon pran hote grina janassi psycho rupy ak mohilar grinno kazer zonno.tomi sobsomoy akta craze sile akchon pani dela dile.tomar paglami acoroner zonno onaka dur hote posondo korto ami o kortam. akon ki kora jabe tumi e bolo?.

<tomi ak motho bis tule dile o ami chokh bondo kore gile falbo toma k ze ami balobasi prio. dustami korsi abar rage lal hoya jayo na>.

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

Onakdin pore abar bangla2000 er jatra suru holo babsilam onak kotar somagom gotbe ke kotota miss korlam amader bulletin board & chat room.Donnobad bangla2000 authority abar sababik koray.Edike bulletin board a atoboro likha dakhe cokh chanabora.E je ak itihas.
Shybal protita manuser jibone onak kisu gote ar segulo utria amora sumner dike egui ar ebabei amader keton uray jemni tumi tomar jiboner gote jawa jinis k bule kawke balobaste sikeso sate sate eta o thick hoiny du joner sate tobu o amora manus ar manus e bul korbe bul bujte parbe.
Tomake sobsomoy boltam chancol ar seta tomar likay fute uththo bole amora bul o bujtam Tomar sahosikotay mugdo & akjon narir karone sokol nari k mayeder jatke grina korony bole balo lagse

Tomi onak onak balo thako ar charparsar sobai k balo rakho tomar ujbasito pran sokti dia Ha ha ha kisu kothin koththa liklam//

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

nari kheko notun golpo nia elo baloi laglo porte.boja galo jibon ta onak bornil.bornil hobai na kano asoth path e babar income hola chale mayera amon osobbo obodro e hoy.jibon kahinir koto ta sotto koto ta mittha amra jani na. abong akta mohila rape korte caila e ki kawke rape kora jay?
valo theko nari kheko.valo theko nari kheko ar jar jonno ato balobasa take biya kore falo jode biya korte chai.tomar moto chale k to kew biya korte caibo na.tome ba tomar bondura hola nosto roktobij jara sudu manus ke osomman abong agat dite jano.

(Tuesday, November 18, 2003)

**This is a sensible serious issue No Comments
Lekan You are full of this Emoticons**

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

Aichcha shybal bhai kobe apne kintu er sesh korban?
onak kisui ame buji nay toy onokta somoy nia liksan bujte pare
boro bhai ekta kotha koy rag koiran na moidde moidde mone kore apnar likhay comment kore toy dor lage boila kori na jodi abar kisu bolan
ager moto chat room a ahan na kan? apnare miss kori ar apnar posting guli romantic eita o sundor toy onak boro balo thakben saytan bhai

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

Ooo bhai abar ailam buila gesilam babir kota jigaite babire.Samna Eid janan to babi jodi desha thake toy koian salami ready korte gia nia asmu ar jode apner moto jajabor mane bidesh thake taile doa korte koian
aichcha shybal bhai apner ki shali ache nake?

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

aai maiya.durer-ekjon
jokhon keu nijeke bastard bole.tokhon kake opoman kore?abar dhong kore likho,danna holam jene je tumi ma jati ke grina koro na.aaisob maiya der jonna e aaj somajer bishringkhola shrishti marar aar kichhu pao na.

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

shybaler baap ke pele jigges kora jeto oi keno nijeke bastard bole?tahole unar vumika kii????

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

sorry baap noi or ma ke jigges korle valoo hoi.ekmatra ma e janen tar sontaner pita ke?jodio shybaler ma khub e dharmik manush.kintu unar durvagga je aai rokom opodartho sontan jonmo kina nijeke jahir korar jonna namer age bastard likhe.chhi

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

(Sunday, July 22, 2001)
to make him smile we should call him Bastard.


(itzzzzzz an old postin' where I called gl "bitch" nn then those perverts(opssss they aint pervert but the respectable pretenders) addressed as "bastard"......just kept their adject nn called myself a ------- apprantly, I myself never expossed a so called decent guy nnn rest of uu all's choice.......

rrrr jodii aunno rokom explanation demand koro(well of course bastard bolar pichone karone ache nn -------) ami seta-o dite parbo, just bulletin board-ta mess hobe nn tumi "jottosobh" insulted hobe in balls in urrrr court!!!!!!!

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

anyway joto karon e thak..keu nijeke bastard bolle porokhkha vabe nijer ma abong baap ke opoman kora hoi.jodi apni anpnar baba ma ke care na koren.that's fine.bas...shobder ortho je koto joghanna hoi,seta apni amar cheye valoo bujen.aar opoman er kotha bolchhen,sotti kotha bolle ektu to hote e balls in ur court.

(Wednesday, November 19, 2003)

esob ki likesho shybal?ar tumi z chanchol sile seta tomar chat dake je kew na tomar gote jawa somoyer jonno dukho prokas korbo na pase tomi rege jaw ai jai gum passe ar zekane thako balo thako.jeno ame tomar akjon durer bondu tomar balo chai.chai tomi balo thako yaar

jottosob apne shybal er pesone laglan kano?amra sobai jane keui-noy nizeke annobabe dara koray ar apne baba ma nia aslan

(Thursday, November 20, 2003)

sobjanta sobjanta sobjanta, uuuu made a markable question(abong akta mohila rape korte caila e ki kawke rape kora jay?)hmmm jani na ekti mohila icche korlei pare kina(etuku jani perechilen) rrr jodi bolo 2nd chance nite pari nn shompurno nijer majhe thakbo jate bujte pari rrrr tomar question-er answer holo "boltam, ami kokhonoi vhalo chele chialm na chuto bela thekei abbu-ammu-ke hard times ditam n kichu vhalo(!!!!!!) bhandur pallai pore drinks kortam majhe majhe sei school life thekei n still hangin'......rrr sei fuken rainy day drunk silam(sort of) nnn bujte parini ki ghothte cholche nn then -----------)

wonder shommanito sobjanta-ke eshob bolchi keno? hmmmmm bolchi kuno ekjon-er karone(naam bole debo ke sei person?) nn drinks-er kotha icche kore chepe giyechilam kintu ----------------

(honourable jottosob nnn sobjanta, check the reply on episode 2......hope itzzzz gonna help to hatred much this freakin' bastard)

(Friday, November 21, 2003)

ago maiogo maiogo hetode boe sapaibor mono lagso si si si saytan anno ado harap anno akda maio mainsor logo harlon no annor pagla kutta kida aselo khik khik

nijer sompork sob katha ke bole dela nake kisu bake ase oe kathar lahan kesu fela galen ke jonab khik khik

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