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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2003
From: RID
__help me if u can__

1) world war 2: two jima- i want to know this game's chitcode

2) project igi 2: covert strike game ti ber hobar sathe sathe single cd'r game ta kini n next time double cd'r game tao kini .. game dutar starting,main menu,loading hobar shomoykar screen sompurno different. tachara single cd'r game ti khelte hole project igi: i am going in-er 14 ti level orthat sompurno sesh korte hoy n seti jei drive a install kora ache sei drive a (cd'r run korar por) copy kore paste korte hoy .. then 2 ta file theke pc namok file a dhuke ctrl+a press kore sob file select kore right click kore properties a dhuke readme file er right chinoo ti tule diye ok ba apply kore ber hoe ashte deri hoy n thats why game ti chalano possible .. tachara game ti chalanor kono podhoti nei .. n double cd'r games ti te cd key= 1320-5120-ba73-52ec dite hobe. now my question is same game kibhabe du rokom hote pare karo problem ta jana thakle janiye deben pls bisesh kore all b2k chatters.

3) tomb raider 5 chronicls er jei stage a silver coin ache sei stage ta kono motei par korte parchi na jekhane mermaid ache jodi keo jene thaken plz bole den it will be a lot to me ..

4) us most wanted game er level o kivabe par korbo?

5) any one knows solder of fortune serial number then pls give me .. thank u all ..

People Discussion
(Wednesday, October 29, 2003)

lets see hows smarts b2k guys is.....

(Thursday, October 30, 2003)

correction for you : it should be "lets see how smart b2k guys are "

(Thursday, October 30, 2003)

Tomb Raider-5 aami 1 years ago shesh korechhilam n aapnar ei problem-er koekta niom aachhe, er modho theke shob cheye shohoj niom holo...
(3) First of all silver coin jekhane aachhe shekhane jaan. Mermaid tokhon Quickly epash theke opashe jaay. Jokhon opashe chole jabe tokhon fast Silver Coin nin. ebaar pani`r niche jekhane Box aachhe druto shekhane jaan. Mermaid ke aatke fele Silver Coin jekhane chhilo shekhane jaan. Ekpash diye uthte parben, khelte thakun...

(Thursday, October 30, 2003)

US Most Wanted aami online theke khelechhilam joto tuku mone aachhe toto tuku bolchhi...
(4) Ei Mission a aapnake shokol enemy ke marte hobe. Level shuru`r por shamner koekti enemy ke druto marun. Then left side, right side dui jayga tei shiri aachhe, je konoti diye jaan. Right side-er raasta ta shoja, ekdik diye jete jete shotru marben. Druto EXIT lekha jayga ta te jaan train-er opashe. Shokol shotru marle level over...

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