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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, October 27, 2003
From: ssswamje
love could be>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?

Love could be either 2 things:

Sweet as Candy or Fierceful as Fire

It can be sweet like chocolate

Very rich and has different things to

taste and to look at beside the outside,

Trying to seek for the best part of what’s

in it or trying to find out what’s the best

reason why to stick with that choice.

It’s like being anxious to snatch that little

piece of candy – then noticing that you have

butterflies in your stomach because of the person

you see in front of you or just staring at them

thinking, "that’s the one."

Then, you’ll clutch on that one piece as hard as

you can, trying not to let go of it.

Then realizing that it found itself and its own friend.


It could be this so-called emotion, love, surrounded

By this little fire in your heart and soul.

You’ll think everything is going alright

when everything is going wrong.

This calm fire turns into a piercing flame that rises

up and crushes everything about you, making your

blood turn hot and your heart feeling helpless.

It’s burning up everything inside of you,

even you and your own beliefs about love–

Burning up those leftover feelings about the person

that you thought was the one.

Instead, neglected you and begging you for something

else, not caring about you because of who you are.

Then, that fire goes out.

You’re saying to yourself,

"I have no emotions and no existence."

Until you find somebody, you’ll still want a little fire.

Then when you’re settled, that warmth, that feeling,

that emotion that always filled you up with pride

comes back and you’ll try to live your life

in a pleasant matter.

People Discussion
(Monday, October 27, 2003)

Love could be bitter as Chirota/Tita Korola

(Tuesday, October 28, 2003)

porlam but kicho boj lam na........

(Tuesday, October 28, 2003)

khaichay!! kothin vasha re vaii. kichuii to bujhlam na.ektu torjoma koira diten jodi...
Image Code: 07-046

(Thursday, October 30, 2003)

love can make u laugh love can make u cry....but as longs as it feels gr8

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