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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, October 24, 2003
From: 2004
>>>>>> Thanks to Mr. BB Admin. >>>>>

>>> Thanks to Mr. BB Admin. I was a little bit confused about you and your activity like others!!! Now it is clear cause you showed us a well respond. I expected your support with others. Now I got it. But I do not agree with you in only one matter. Why do you like to defeat for some senseless and indecent chatters? This time I agree with Pagol, Kadamful's comments. Only for some few chatters (!) why do you take Harsh decision? This is not a good decision. We know you are very busy with your study. This time, if you want, we can forward you what is happened in BB by mail, if you agree. Then it will be easy to maintain BB. Or you can take ClusterOne's offer. Although it is upto you.
Anyway, I know your email no. so next time without your permission, if i can, I will forward any indecent comments or posting. This is a simple work for my Heart () B2K. Take care bro, wish you all the best.
>>>>>> Thanks goes to Ganet, OLI, Anurika, Pagol, Kadamful, -crOss-, Pagol, Cluster11, Ajob, Sobujj, Lotorpotor, -sorroW-

P.S::: >>>> Ami Onno Chatter, Jara tader Nick ar besh porichito (Sb, Wrath, Capsule20mg, Pantho-Pothik, Opsora, SOULS, Alkatel, St. Martin, sarah, ontora, RINI, Krishnochura, shimy-2002, turtle, anamica, Aunto, Virus, Laizuu, Shifta, etc etc etc) which will protect them to show their indecency.
Naki nijer position ta thik rakhte ba onno kono karone(!) ariye gelo, this is also questionable? Naki Ga bachiye chollen? Anyway, chokhe angul diye kichu dhoriye dite chesta korechilam, keu bother feel korle, I am sorry.
>>> Thanks to all, & sorry for late reply, cause i was busy with my business.
>>> >>>>>>>>

People Discussion
(Friday, October 24, 2003)

anOther gOod shOw....

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

Nijer position thik rekhey.. Ga bachiye chola from what????????????

MAKING NO COMMENTS on a particular posting "doesnt" mean siding with anyone.. or being against anyone...... it is as simple as that.

and the way U accused everyone..(every regular chatter/bb contributor) who didnt respond in ur posting.. "of protecting indecent ones" .. shows the level of ur immaturity, Mr/Miss/Master 2004.

so before "onno der cohkhe angul diye dekhano" .. "nijer matha ektu jore jhaki diye niben" .. ... hoito ashonno shiit er agey-i jome jawa brain cell gula activated hoye uthbe!

best of luck.

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

For some few chatters B2K should not be stopped....I guess this is all B2K chatterers wish.

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

I hope BB admin wont take this crucial decision.
Mr/Ms/Master 2004, please leave these kind of postings and pray to Almighty for those crazy chatters so that they can change themselves.

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