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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, October 24, 2003
From: ima

Pablo Neruda

What have you done
you intellectualists?
you mystifiers?
you false existentialist sorcerers?
you surrealistic poppies shining on a tomb?
you pale grubs in the capitalist cheese?
What did you do
about the kingdom of anguish?
about this dark human being
kicked into submission?
about this head
submerged in manure?
about this essence
of harsh, trampled lives?
You didn't do anything but escape
you sold piles of debris
you looked for heavenly hairs
cowardly plants, broken fingernails
"pure beauty" "magic".
Your works were those of poor frightened folk
trying to keep your eyes from looking
trying to protect their delicate pupils
so you could make for your living
a plate of dirty scraps
which the masters flung to you.
Without seeing that the stones are in agony,
without defending, without conquering,
blinder than the wreaths
in the cemetery when the rain
falls on the motionless
rotten flowers on the tomb.

People Discussion
(Friday, October 24, 2003)

What have you done
you got a dictionary?

(Friday, October 24, 2003)

what have u done ? broke ur all teeth purota porle sure sob gulo dhat harabo..

(Friday, October 24, 2003)

@turtle apnar to daath bangbei ..eto slow read korle .. .vista...dictonary abar ki..pictionary khelbe

(Friday, October 24, 2003)


(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

pakka whole day chole jabe, agulu meaning jante........

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

engraji bhashabhashi hole kobitatir sristhir noipunnyota aar mononshilota morme-morme onubhob korte partam,mon chay bonganubad kori,se khetre amar oprutul english bhashaghyan birombona matro,

prithibir sob kabbyoi kobider bhabhonate ashchojjyo rokomer shusomporkityo,

shudhu dhoron-dharone,kobitar obhoyobe, jaar jaar nijoshshota aar soilpik karukajer
apon noipunnyota theke jaay.
amar ei line guluke english kore dekho mone hobe elomelo lagche,
bhebona bondhura, amader majhe kobi guru omor royechen,
jini banglake akash somo uchcu
matra diyechiyel,

shudhu dukhkho ektai amora ajibon gorib roye gelam,

aar taai bangla bhasha aaj khete khawaa manusher mukher obohelito bhasha hoyei gelo,

doinota aar daridrotar berajal theke jodi amader konodin mukti milto ,tobe prithibi jante parto bangla bhashar simana digonto chowaa.

dhannyabad chotobon ima, ebong sohojatri ,soho mormi shubhannyudhayi priyo pakhira.

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

Shockingly true and yet, fraught with pessimistic overtone. It’s a litany of discontent punctuated by a philosophical subtext venting anger toward the denizens of a domain whose demise has already been shaped by them.

- Courtesy of People at the Pres ...

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)


(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

A very pessimistic overtone indeed. His dislike is portrayed very vividly. One needs to bear in mind; Naruda was not only a great poet but also a political activist (a fiery poet of leftist politics). He was in hiding for two years for his protests against President González Videla's repressive policy against striking miners in 1947 in Chile (this is a miniature example of his political life) … So I guess one can understand his discontent and anger ….what have they contributed towards ….

……the kingdom of anguish?
about this dark human being
kicked into submission?
about this head
submerged in manure?
about this essence
of harsh, trampled lives?”

(Saturday, October 25, 2003)

oli bhaiya eto kothin bangla likhen...kichui buji na time simple bangla likhben plzzzzzz

(Sunday, October 26, 2003)

Thanks for the background info, Ima.

(Monday, October 27, 2003)

Most welcome Vanity. When u have some spare time, why not indulge yourself to Naruda's Captin's verse (collection of his love poems). The Spanish sound far more elegant and romantic than the English translation. But sadly I am not fluent in Spanish… oh well never mind.

Courtesy of People at Naruda's fan club.

(Monday, October 27, 2003)


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