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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2003
From: Microsoft®
Bill Gates Can Help You With Bills

Brand New from
Matthew Lesko.

*New York Times
Best Selling Author.

Pay off your credit card bills or cover basic expenses with….

over 4,000 government programs like:

$9,500.00 to pay any bills
$2,800.00 to pay your heating bills
$1,200.00 to pay your mortgage or rent
$15,000.00 to pay for child care
$3,000.00 to help buy a car
$4,000.00 to pay closing costs on a home
$500.00 to pay your property taxes
$700.00 to pay utility bills
$800.00 to pay your food bills
$4,800.00 to pay for family expenses
$3,000.00 to volunteer in your neighborhood
$500.00 to pay your pet's veterinarian bills
Even $1,000.00 to pay your bills while you're waiting for other government money!
Everyone Qualifies For Something…..Even Millionaires Qualify

Over 30 Million Qualified Americans Don't Apply For This Money Because They Don't Know Where To Go…..

Make Sure Your Family Is Getting Yours.

People Discussion
(Saturday, October 18, 2003)

Billl Gates amar motoi ekjon pagol

(Saturday, October 18, 2003)

Tate Tor ki? Abar eirokom pechal parbi to tor mathay hagu kortam!!!!

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