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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2003
From: sarah

1.are students from developing countries discriminated upon?
2.Would you say that the more an individualistic a country is, the grades awared to foreign students are based on their personal merits and the more collectivistic a country is the grades awarded are based on precieved status of their country of origin?

Lets hear what you think people....

People Discussion
(Wednesday, October 15, 2003)

It depends on where you at. In most middle eastern countries ppl from developing coutnries are discriminated upon no matter if they are student or employee or even a visitor (like performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia). However there are some social discrimination, although at much lesser extent, on soem developed coutnries like U.S. toward ppl from mideast origin. They arent really developing countries so maybe its not a good example.

(Wednesday, October 15, 2003)

for Q2. a good school and good education system will always grade a student by its merit, not by origin. Unless of course there are certain preferential treatment for minorities etc.

(Thursday, October 16, 2003)

One can argue that certain level of discrimination does exist, I think we (resident students) have far more support in terms of financial aids and employment opportunities etc. However regarding employment it is discrimination from the employers side not the Uni. Now if one looks at discrimination among individual Unis, then I would say at least from my personal experience universities in London such as LSE, UCL, SOAS, Imperial, Kings etc do not openly discriminate against foreign students. The above-mentioned Uni’s intake large proportion of overseas students and overseas students provide a lot of income for them, so I would think they would be rather cautions. However, London is after all very diverse; hence one would not expect such treatment. So even within UK it depends on which Uni u go to.

(Thursday, October 16, 2003)

Oxford and Cambridge are always criticized for discriminating against social class I am not sure about foreign students. I do mingle with a lot of overseas students, and the general consensus among them is that they are not treated any differently from me.

2)I am not sure what u mean by individualistic and collectivistic, in what sense? Anyway I would agree with Cluster “a good school and good education system will always grade a student by its merit, not by origin”. In the UK we have few Unis which employs positive discriminatory policy by giving preferential treatment to good students from working class background, Uni of Bristol ( one of the top Uni in UK) is one such example.

(Thursday, October 16, 2003)

yes i agree with the fact that a good school and good education system will always grade a student by its merit not by origin, but can you say the same for the professors in the school with their own sets of stereotypes about the rest of the world especially about the poor countries? what i basically mean is that the school as a whole dont grade the single student, it is the professor who does and if he/she has some sort of views towards the developing community, that may to a certain extent influence the grade of the student if not a lot. Anyway thanks tonz for clus n ima dear for sharing your views, i am actually carrying out a research on this particular topic, lets see what turns out

(Thursday, October 16, 2003)

I agree with Cluss 100%..

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