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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2003
From: ima
For VanityPress

Given that the library has become my second home these days, reading bb postings has become my “trivial pursuit of pleasure”. As I was slaving away working on my thesis pretending to be studious…..was desperately seeking for destruction, so I thought I shall venture into the world of B2K, which led me to ur posting. While reading ur posting I laughed rather loudly, attracting few unwanted attention. Some found it very amusing and started to laugh (at my laughter), others frowned, and few came up to investigate …. I don’t recall exactly how, but it managed to spark a heated debate on “the economic benefits of redemption”. I guess it was unavoidable, given that most of my friends/associates are true economist at heart. The debate started in the library, progressed to the cafeteria and finally ended in the student bar. Actually mine ended in the cafeteria, I realized at the point that I have wasted 2 hours of my valuable time …so felt that I need to repent, the most productive way was to go back to the library and do some work, which I did. Since u are the culprit for such uproar, I felt obliged to share this with u.

Take care and keep writing….Sabrina sis also writes very well.. i had few cackles reading her response. As for the production of Chicken Run ..u can be the hero and Sanbira apu the heroin, a perfect match I might hasten to add.

P.S. If I bump into HAHA I shall inform him/her that u are missing his/her attention. Why not put an ad on the Newspaper, *seeking HAHA*… monetary reward might be a good incentive ,, the FBI given their track record would not be able to locate him/her. Alternatively, the B2K secret service..of which Vistaaa (SB) is a member.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

correction *heroine*

(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

isnt it just weird how small little things become the discussion of 2 hours all the way thru library to the cafeteria and then the student bar!! strange how time seems to fly when you are chit chatting away and how time seems to be stuck forever when you have nothing to do..imaconomosit APU i think u should only call me lombu n not apu! u r definately senior to me and i should be the one seeking your advice...after all an economist

(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

lombu apu...i might be ..this is my final year (under grad)..but do bear in mind in UK we graduate at the age of 22.

(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

oh whichever way are my senior hahaha..i m a long way from graduation [almost 2 years ]..but hey dont mind being called apu! amake to oli bhaia ador kore bhaia o bole hehehe..take care imapu

(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

omaaaaa...eto yet so wise froblem ador kore 'pu dakhbo ta hole.. ..i mean lombu 'pu

(Wednesday, October 15, 2003)

Hmm…who would have thought my posting could have such unintentional consequences costing you two precious hours. I just hope that no one else has lost anything. But look at the brighter side of it; you could have spent two hours doing boring research, which doesn’t fall into the fun category at all.

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