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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Monday, October 13, 2003
From: VanityPress
Chicken Run, vol. 1

Perfect script, Sabrina – I think the people at the Miramax would be glad to pour in a lot of money for this project. Wait a minute – the anti-hero and the protagonist certainly make a good plot, but where is the heroine in all these. Where are those moments of passion and romance? Where is the woman whose inspiration and courage, and be-WITCH-ing visage propel the hero to the throne of kingdom? He wins the battle and the kingdom of evil falls. Without her, there wouldn’t be a Hollywood happy ending. And without a Hollywood style finale, where the protagonist wins the day with the woman by his side, this plot is destined to be a flop and who would want that. You are thinking what I’m thinking. Yes, I’ve got the perfect role for you. With your fulgent face (so is claimed... lol) and uncommon ability to maintain the radiant glow even under enormous pressure, I’m sure you can top Uma Thurman. I can almost see the headline in the Premiere magazine “Sabrina Edges Uma: Witchcraft or Real?”… ;)

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