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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, October 12, 2003
From: BB_Admin
In response to "A Question to B2K Admin or BB Admin !" by 2004...

Hi 2004, I understand and appreciate your concern. I know that what you are saying is true and I apologize for not being as effective as I should have been in moderating this bulletin board. I have my limitations. Now a days I get very little time, if any, to do anything else besides my research work. I do not own B2k and maintaining this site is not my job either. Whatever I do for B2k is completely voluntary and the worst part is there is no one else to share this burden with. I could have abandoned B2k, but did not do so because I hoped that our users would share some responsibility by being sensible and decent. But to my utter disappointment not everyone is willing to help and this is making things harder for me. I do not know, if this trend continues probably we will have to stop this bulletin board service. Probably this is a harsh decision, but believe me, I have no other choice. At this time, B2k is not in a position to survive without the full support of its users and so it is upto the users to choose what they really want.

I would like to thank 2004 for his/her posting.

People Discussion
(Sunday, October 12, 2003)

Yoo well Said Shaikat Bhai!!!...liked 2 see UR this kinda PostinG in BB, liked 2 see UR Replied 2 "2004" & liked 2 see UR well thouGht...
U R So Samazhdar aadmi take Care Bhaia B Safe GOOD n Keep smile...

(Sunday, October 12, 2003)

dhonnobad sotta bolar jonna.amader sobar uchit bb clean rakha.beshirvag e bb ke somman kore.matra kooyekjoner jonna aai bishringkhola srishti hoi.eder ke keu bojate parbe na.asha kori era ekta sundar poribesh nosto korbe na.aasun amra sobai mile b2k abong bb ke thik rakhi.

(Sunday, October 12, 2003)

Nice reply.
(((I do not know, if this trend continues probably we will have to stop this bulletin board service)))
>> Shundor bolechen, Dushtu Gorur Cheye Shunno Goyal Valo..
Asha korchi, Mr./Miss 2004 would thank to BB Admin.

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

bb bondho korle ami kothay likhbore chikon bhudhdhir motamatha bhaiya

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo#scream# bb stop koro na ....
amar bb porte khub valo lage...jodio participate kori khubi kom!

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

good response tsr..

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

2004 er posting pore jemon mone hocchilo thik kotha ekhon admin er posting poreo mone hocche thik kotha!

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

boltu thank u very much for all your effort..and thanks for going out of your way to keep this room up and running we appreciate it Immensely..

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

na na it is only a respond, not a good respond,BB te beshir vag lekhai valo hoi, shybaler moto dui ekjon low profile chatterer jonno BB kano bondho hobe tsr bhaya? onader kuruchipurno dui ekta comment ban korlei onara aar emon comment likhte shahosh pabena, tai apnar moto ekjon manusher kache amra etotuku to asha korte pari?

(Monday, October 13, 2003)

It is always difficult to maintain a free service. I would like to suggest to B2K admin to consider using free yahoogroups and provide moderator access to some B2K chat admins. This way bad messages can be filtered and one person does not have to carry the burden of moderating posts. I can provide more information and whatever assistance necessary to set this up. If this sounds practical please contact me at my personal mail for more info.


(Monday, October 13, 2003)

Saikath...BB bonsho korle amora hothash hobo...hortal korbo


(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

wotever it iz bb must go on

(Tuesday, October 14, 2003)

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont close BB, everything has its bad sides and good sides, we should all try and avoid the bad..tai bole ki puro puri eliminate korbo naki??..dont boltuuu n we know how hard you work for the room, if it wasnt for you we wouldnt have b2k anymore..thanks so much for all your effort

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