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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2003
From: ima

There comes a time in every one’s life, when you look back upon your past and think about a time that has gone by; a time that is only a memory now. You sit, deep in thought, trying to make sense out of the things you've done, and how much of it has been worth doing. Certain deeds make you wish that you had the ability to turn back the hands of time and do them all over again. Then again, certain things make you happy and you replenish yourself with the sheer bliss of having ornamented your life with deeds such as those. It's a weird and inexplicably complicated period that you go through. Memories keep gathering and breaking into your mind like waves break on to shores after having reached mammoth levels of height. You embark on a magical journey that takes you through experiences that have in some way or the other affected your life and of various other people; people you love, people you admire and respect, people you fear, people you resent, people you can relate to, people you are grateful to, and many a faceless face for that matter. I see myself with a Judge's apron on, sitting on the highest office of my own judiciary system, unscrambling my past slowly and meticulously applying my own shrewd judgment in numerous ways at various aspects of my life. The very next moment I transform into an analyst and try and relate my forgone life with the present and the obvious ramifications that it has for the future. I find it nothing short of a golden opportunity to regroup my "Self", and endeavor to give meaning and direction to it. Such times do not common often, and while they do, I suggest you give it a serious thought. Do not let the moment slip away like daylight through a narrow hole in a dark room. Brace yourself for such a moment, and when it comes, serve as an impediment in its path; embrace it with a deep level of thinking and unravel the enigma that it bears within. I have simply been awestruck tonight, by the significance of a moment so minute, and yet so powerful and mind-blowing. I only hope that I've been wise enough to take every possible advantage of it.

People Discussion
(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

imaconomist..ei ki tomar ar sabrinar eki posting??...daal mein kuch kala hai kyaa??

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

lombuuuuuu apuuuuu..this is not written by me...was sent to me by a friend..and i liked thought i would share it with u guys...

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

ohooo ami to dekhi amar thoughts e hariye felechii..sorryyy ree ima apuuuuuuuuu..very nice thoughts though..quite deep..liked it:-)

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

Very nice thoughts ima sweet lit pondith sis.and thanx for sharing with us.take care dear .

er one more ,u know what lombu der budhi sob thake knee te rather than head.and amader sari extra lomba hobar karone guess je bole allah malum .god save our lombush sari

(Friday, October 10, 2003)

Ontora apu…my misti apu..and my lombu apuuuu….i will pass ur complements to my cutei friend jerry the mouse. it

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