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Monday, April 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2003
From: ontora ..
ALL say CONGRATES to anu api(anurika)

HELLO all ,u ppl know what ,our sweet beloved anu apu got DL(driving licen..)and already bought a new say CONGRATES to her though its pretty late . .don,t be more late ok.
AND wanna remind one thing more PLZ ,don,t go out with her specially when she driving . .know i ,m telling why .let me say a true story about anu api(anurika):

anurika(anu api ) and ontora were driving together, discussing death. "I would like to die peacefully, the way my grandfather did. He passed away silently in his sleep. Not like some of his friends who cried hoarse and screamed like hell just before their death."

"But why the hell did they have to shout? Couldn,t they all keep silence the way your grandfather did?" asked a curious ontora.
"Actually not," explained anu api . "As they all were travelling in the car he was driving while he fell asleep."

so guess what?never go with her specially when she driving

People Discussion
ontora ..
(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

CONGRATes anu u re api

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

Congratulations Anurika

Funny one ontora

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

thxxxxxxx re mere janemannnnn pran er prannn ontiiiiiiiiiiii etto late e chichi poccha kana queen bedi...oii bedi amar etto bodnam ei modhe public e , tumake taklu matha ki debe bolche bolo bedi bolo ami oi beda ke thik kore debo boltu beda .....ontii bedi ar picchi bedi ar oii tar se ra taklu matha amake jalya khelo shesh mesh ...

Thank you reeeeeeeee oriiii love u loadsssssss

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

HMM, ConGrateS..Anu Sis..
Upodesh akhon koyekti..
1. Driving Kore No Mobile call Receiving....
2. No Sleeping....
3. No B2k ar kotha Mone kora....

r Ontu, atto kichu tor mathai ashe ki kore..? Lolll

Nway, Take Care Dearest Sis Ontu, and take care Anu sis..

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

Ami asccchiiii Anu Sis!
Wait for mee!

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

congratulations anurika
nice and funny posting ontora

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

congrats anu apuli

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

a belated congrats apu-remeber never drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!
well dun babes.

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

plsss becareful on the way.....

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

vebechilam ei bokbokani(sweetie) karoo haat dore baari theke ber hoye geche nnn b2k-te ashbe na nnn amader-o bokbok shunte hobe naa(kintu ekhon dekha jacche, bokbok korar place dirgayito holo nnn sobaike jhaliye marbe)!!!!!!

neway, amarrrr moto monthly 2ta speedy ticket pawar mann-manoshikota set koro nn then buja jabe tumi kemon driver(rr hmmm drinks kore drive na korle bujbe na drivin' ki/drive korar shomoi shudu ulta-palta chinta korbe/wron' indicator diye car turn debe rrr tress pass korbe(last weel tress pass-er jonno ticket peyechilam)nn ----- bla bla)..........

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

wah wah driving expert tips diche on how to ruin driving career!!...sis karo shunen na to..oi chagli ori tor lisence ase anupu re jalaton korchish??...anu pu u stay cool sis ori is just jealous
and chichi we know you missed us!! its oki to admit it harm done

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

ponkhirajer swaar hoye lagam peyecho hate,,,,

ebar asbe ek rajar kumar ,jotsna makha rate ,,,,,

amio toder sathi hobo ,sonali ek prate,,,,

oli bhaiyaaa

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

anu api bujhle na ai sob jalaton na ar name bhalo basa sabdhane drive koro acha don,t wanna loose u
er taklu matha je atto bolo ai kotha sunle kono maye ki er bhaiya ke biye korbe bolo chinter kotha na bolo
er taklu matha bolbana tsr bhaiya ke

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

Thanx abracadabra(is it masic word ?),Londonymaye,Klanti,Dolchut bhaiya .....bhaiya(cross) tumi bujhle er kau bujhlo na koto budhi amar .take care too bhaiya .

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

wow what a driving tips shy bhaiya monthly 2 ta speedy ticket god bless him.

sari lombushh amar driving lisence ache.amito tor bhalo r jono bollam re tui je gadhi kobe anuapi r sateh jabi driving e then gone case 2jon i inalillah

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

OLI bhiaya and OPsi api ke er bachano gelo na gone case .anuapi r sateh driving e jabe

(Friday, October 10, 2003)

tumar sathe driving e jawaaa n anu r sathe jawaa ke same hobee nake apee ..kidding...congrates anu apee hat pa na vangley hoy ekhon

ontora ..
(Friday, October 10, 2003)

ostakfirullah rini api ki bolo na same hobe na driving
er anuapi hat pa vangle to tumi acho i api

(Friday, October 10, 2003)

Sister we will go for a long drive soon, be prepare.

(Saturday, October 11, 2003)

Shunlam ajkal naki london er rasta ghat naki ekdhom paka paka ..
Zokhon ANurika drive kore... .. Bepar ki ..??

Anyhow : Congrats Anurika! Besafe ... Drive Safely ...

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