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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 2003
From: BB_Media_Post
"------Happy Birthday Souls------" -- from Shondhaa

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i am too late:-(..........(busy chilam)

i know that you are a wonderful and caring nirshartho vhabe manusher care kore!!!!

(ektu beshi ovimani:-/.ektu tei kosto pai..tai boka deii..khub ki kosto pao?)

wishing you a wonderful motishhh life( no more chinkishh /foring life...okkkk???

- Shondhaa

People Discussion
(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

hmmmmmm souls-er jonno atooo shundor card rrrrrr amake spank korte nnn ato ato meyeder majhe piece piece(kete kuti kuti kore) kore dite chaiii badorni Shondha

neway once againnn shuvo noboborsho, opsss shuvo jonmodin Tuhin(copy hoye gelo)

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

hahhahhah atto Cuite Card Ree Baba Nice Shondha Really nice...
n Happy Birthday once again Lau Bhai U R Really Goodie Goodie...

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

Shondhaa..Dear ai shundoor card r jonno dhonnobad..ami Ovimani jano jokhon tahole boka dao keno? ..khushi hoyechi tumi Chinkish/ Foring nick ta badd deyecho..kintu abar Motishh dakle keno? anyway..once again..thank u and i am happy to have a nice friend like u

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

amake badorni bolle keno??tumi nije bador bole shob meyeder badorni dako?..
r tomake emon card pathale tumi bandorer moto khushite mathai uthe boshe thakte..tai mair tai tomar jonno perfect..mair kheye ektu manush howar jonnoi mair diyechi...aro mair chao?
amake keu ektu help korbe?eitake arektu dhore mair dei...

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