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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, October 06, 2003
From: chintito
b2k er pran

tsr,sb,aunto,virus,opsora,capsule20mg,souls,shybal,koli,anurika,ganet,sarah,ontora,cross,oli,cluster11,aryan and etc era sobai hoche b2k er pran era hoche bachae kora chatter jader chara b2k morovumi.. ai chatter gular jonoi b2k nishas pai.tai asun amra sobai pray kori jate era kokhono b2k forever er jono leaves na u all

People Discussion
(Monday, October 06, 2003)

what about chintito???????????????????????????????????

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

ima, ap, megh, shifta, -WraTh-, mimi, ami/jahid, budda, anamica, fasi, shormy, aragon and many more

(Monday, October 06, 2003)


(Monday, October 06, 2003)

and londonymeye

(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

Dhulo' name ta bad gelo ken...

tobe kichu nick bad geche...Harun da, sky-lina, Anik (montu mia'r name kemne bhullen..:S), Laizu afa, lotpot, rongdhonu, petni, Pantho Pothik, Himel bhai, St. Martin, Alkatel brO, Song-Bird (sobuiijaa tomareo bhulche..), boc, RAIN bro, and many moreeeeeeeee....

kintu apni k, bollen nato..?

(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

i guess i know u.......i mean dis nick.
anyway u don worry ...we wont leave b2k everrrrrrrrr

(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

b2k wouldnt survive without any of its users..its there because we go there and we go there because we want to be there..every chatter in that room is like every beat the heart takes

(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

capsule na thakle b2k sick hobe e ...chintito eita na bujle ke bujbe ...

u can realize the demand of capsule !!!
bravo bro !!
all the best
keep smiling

ontora ..
(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

amra sobai raja amader ai rajar rajotte noile moder rajar sathe milbo ki sorte amra sobai raja ......for each and every meb of b2k .

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

great posting man..
well said..
well b2k is a kingdom of friendship, a place we come to have a laugh and for some people is a place to come and talk and people dont ever leave czit would'nt be the same wid out any of you....

Emm chintito bhaia apni tsr ke mension kora ki joru ri chilo boltu taklu matha shine shine thakla ar na thaka same , cz o shob shomoi spying koren ar amake ar amar bon ke jalaya marchen ei buira ta .....amader man shomman kichu raken nai..chichi shobai bhalo thako..And donr ever give up B2k...

A special hello to all ma bhaia's and sis's,apu, and aps love u guyz and miss you guyz.

(Thursday, October 09, 2003)

Love you guyz very much....

Special hello to ma dearest bhaiaaaaaaaaa(Aunto)
bhaia get well soon and we are all praying for you speedy recovery.. we all miss you very much...

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